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McDonald’s CFO: Bigger Burgers, Extra Meat Testing This 12 months

After months of testing and teasing dozens of modifications to its original burger, McDonald’s is now revealing one massive change that customers will notice — the size. In a Tuesday call with analysts, McDonald’s Chief Financial Officer Ian Borden announced that the chain will be testing a larger burger this year in select markets. “As […]

Google Testing Like Button For Picture Search Outcomes

Google seems to be testing a like, thumbs-up, button on image search results. The thumbs-up icon is near the share and save button and below the image, description and visit button. Here is a screenshot of this from Radu Oncescu on X: I personally cannot replicate this but Google has done like buttons on images […]

Google Testing More News Topics Button

Google is testing a button in the search results under the top stories news results to see “more news topics.” I personally cannot replicate this, which makes me think this is new. This was spotted by Punit who shared this screenshot of the button on Mastodon: When click “Entertainment”, it goes to “entertainment news” in […]

Google SGE Testing Eradicating Side Carousels

Google seems to be testing removing the side carousel in the SGE, Search Generative Experience, interface. The side carousel generally shows the card answers on the right side of the desktop SGE results. It seems Google is testing not showing those cards on the side panel. This was spotted by Jakub Landa, Bartosz Goralewicz pinged […]

Google Testing Blue Shaded Search Bar Headers That Stick

Google Search is testing various shades of blue for its search header, including a sticky version that, um, sticks as you scroll down the search results. Here are various screenshots from a few folks that I found on X over the past several days. Khushal Bherwani spotted this blue sticky header and posted this screenshot […]

Google Maps Testing AI Generated Answers For Local Guide Questions

Google announced it is testing generative AI technology to answer local specific questions within Google Maps. “Starting in the U.S., this early access experiment launches this week to select Local Guides, who are some of the most active and passionate members of the Maps community,” Google wrote. Google’s language models can now analyze Google “Maps […]

Google Testing Double Line Sitelinks For Search Ads

Google seems to be testing two lines of text for sitelinks within the mobile search ads interface. So yea, double-line sitelinks in the search ads in the Google mobile search results. This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath who posted an example of this on X – here is that screenshot: I don’t believe I’ve seen […]

Google Testing Price Slider In Search For Product Outcomes

Google is testing a price slider for some queries where narrowing by price may make sense. We’ve seen Google show price range sliders for products and price slider filters for hotels but now we are seeing a price slider filter for normal product results. This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath who posted a video on […]

Google Job Search Outcomes Testing New Interface

Google seems to be testing a new interface for the job search results. The old interface was more like a boxed in module, the new interface seems to flow more nicely and be more integrated into the search results user interface. This new design was spotted by Alexander Chukovski who posted the screenshot on X […]

Threads Strikes to Subsequent Stage of Testing for Its API

As Threads continues to gain momentum, especially among journalists, a next key step will be the development of an API, which will then enable direct publishing to Threads, as well as scheduling, third-party analytics and more. And the Threads team is working on this, with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently noting that they’re building a […]