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Google Enterprise Profiles Testing Picture Slider

Google is testing adding an image carousel directly in the business profile panel. So at the top of a business profile listing you see these business images. In this test, you can swipe the images to see more. This was spotted by Mike who posted a few photos of it in the Local Search Forum. […]

Google Testing Perspectives Search Menu Filters

Google seems to be testing the ability to filter by perspectives. Google is testing a button to filter your query by the perspectives results. This was spotted by Saad AK, he posted a video on Twitterhere is a GIF of that video in action: Here is a still screenshot: About a year ago, Google started […]

Google Ads Testing Gold Verification Badge / Label

Google Ads is also testing a gold verification badge or label in the search results. We saw a blue verification label and then a blue badge style label and now we are seeing the label in gold. This gold style was captured by Alex Kubica, he posted this screenshot on Twitter: As a reminder, this […]

Google Testing Grid Format For Local Results In Cell Web Search

Google seems to be testing a grid-like format for local results in the mobile web search results. We see these grid formats primarily for product and shopping search results, but I don’t think I’ve seen this for local search listings. This was spotted by Brandon on Twitter who posted a video cast of this in […]

Google Android App Testing Further Search Buttons

Google is testing a version of the Android app that include additional search buttons, many of which the iOS app has had since last year. These buttons include solve homework, identify a song, shop for products, translate text and more. This was spotted by Glenn Gabe and he posted some screenshots on TwitterI made those […]

Google Testing One other Ad Verification Badge Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, we spotted Google testing a verified Google Ads badge in the Google search ads snippet. It was a round blue icon, this one is more of a badge or shield-shaped verification icon, but also in blue. Here is the old one we spotted: Here is the new one from SaadAK […]

Google Testing New Placement For Request Quote In Native Outcomes

Google is testing new placements for the request a quote feature in the local search results. I’m not sure how new this is, but Joy Hawkins, a local SEO expert, said it was new, and I trust her. She said on Twitter that she is “seeing a new placement for the request a quote feature […]

Google Testing Slider Buttons For Product End result Thumbnail Photographs

When you see product results in the Google Search results, sometimes on mouse over, the images will rotate when there are more than one product image available. Google is testing giving searchers the ability to click to the next image, as opposed to the image automatically sliding by itself. Here is a screenshot from Khushal […]

Google Ads Testing AI To Assist You Create Ads

Google Ads is running a small test to help you create ads using AI. Google Bard does not power this, but it is a form of artificial intelligence designed to give you suggested ad headlines and descriptions. This was spotted by Gil Gildner and then Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liason, confirmed that this is […]