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Google Search Generative Experience Testing New AI-Generative Snapshot Design

Google is testing a new design and layout for the Google Search Generative Experience AI-generated snapshot answer. The new design bakes the AI answer into the more traditional user interface as opposed to the more colorful interface you expect from the SGE results. This user interface test was spotted by Aleyda Solis, she posted this […]

Google News Testing Creator Names In Article Snippets

Google News, the portal, seems to be testing displaying the author name below the publication name in the article card snippet interface. Google recently tested this for Google Discover stories and Top Stories in Google Search. Now Google is testing it for articles listing on Google News at news.google.com. Shalom Goodman shared an example of […]

Bing Search Testing Hiding URLs In Search End result Snippets

Bing is testing not displaying, hiding, the site’s URL in the search result snippets. Google has been testing this on and off for years and flip-flopping with that. But now Bing is doing the same – testing removing the full URL in the search results. This was spotted by both Frank Sandtmann and Shameem Adhikarath, […]

Google Testing Google Shopping Label On Search Consequence Snippets

Google seems to be testing showing a Google Shopping logo or label on some search results that may be considered a Top Quality Store in Google’s Merchant Center program. This label is added to the top right section of the site name, above the URL. Brodie Clark posted about this on Twitter and wrote, “In […]

Google Ads Testing Paid Buyer Help Choices

Google is testing a paid version of customer support for its advertisers who use Google Ads. Google said this is a “paid pilot” where its “smallest customers can receive specialized, one-on-one support, tailored to their specific needs.” Google did not post anything about this on their blog or support channels, but a Google spokesperson emailed […]

Google Testing Listing View For Native Service Adverts

Google is testing showing two local service ads in a list view, a change from it showing three local service ads in a carousel format. Google actually switched to three LSAs a year or so ago, up from two, and is now back to testing two. This test was spotted by Len Raleigh on Twitter, […]

Google Testing Star Store Badge In Place Of Top Quality Store Badge

Google is testing replacing the “top quality store” badge with a “star store” badge in the search results. Previously it was a “Trusted Store” badge but that was replaced by the “top quality store” badge. This was spotted by Brodie Clark who posted some screenshots on Twitter: This is what it should show: I zoomed […]

Google Search Generative Experience Testing Links In AI-Generated Solutions

It looks like all the negative feedback around the lack of links within the AI-generated answers that Google’s Search Generative Experience generates has made a difference. Google is testing links directly in those answers in the SGE results. We are seeing these links in the form of classic-looking citations, in the form of button overlays […]

Google Testing Extra Visible Parts In Search For Featured Snippets, Prime Tales, Merchandise & Extra

Over the past few days I’ve seen reports of Google Search testing more visual elements. These visual elements are across featured snippets, top stories, products and likely more. Here is what I found, all of which are tests, because I cannot replicate any of these search features and design layouts in any browser I’ve tried. […]

Google Testing Boxed-In Favicon Design In Search

Google Search is testing boxed-in favicons for snippets. That is, instead of the favicon as is, Google is placing them in a square box. We previously saw Google putting these favicons in a circle. Now, Saad AK spotted them boxed-in and posted this screenshot on Twitter: Here is what I see: Here is the circled-in […]