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Why You Ought to Do Seed Testing

You’ve sent your email campaign, and now it’s time to check your metrics—99% delivered. Fantastic! The next questions you’ll most likely ask are, “What happened after my email was delivered?” and “How do I tell if it went to the inbox or the spam folder?” We can help. Twilio SendGrid and In box monsters have […]

Google Search Testing Exhibiting All Of The Menu Bar Choices

Google is testing displaying all of the menu bar options under the Google Search bar. This is instead of showing the “more” button, to see more search options. So you see the options for videos, images, finance, news, etc, all listed out without needing to click “more” to see all of the options. Here is […]

Google Testing Extra Record View Prime Tales With Information Taking Over Internet Outcomes

Google not only is testing more list view formats for the top stories section but also testing, for some queries and some searchers, having the first set of web results taken over by news stories. Shalom Goodman posted a screenshot on Twitter for Alphabet earnings news and I cannot replicate it, and I’ve tried countless […]

Google Testing Discover Extra For Product Queries

Google seems to be testing another refinement feature named “explore more.” This is in addition to the product gridsand popular products and refine by search features. This looks similar to the refine by search feature but takes up less real estate. This was spotted by Punit who posted these screenshots on Twitter: I personally cannot […]

Google Testing New AR Prototypes

Google announced it will begin testing new AR, augmented reality, experiences in the public with a limited number of Googlers and trusted testers. These include in-lens displays, microphones, and cameras, that Google will start to test next month in the real world. Google explained these can be “used to enable experiences like translating the menu […]

Google Testing Interactive Card Data Field Format

The other day we covered a Google knowledge box card layout, but now Google is testing a more interactive version of this card layout. When you click on the cards they expand and show more details. Glenn Gabe spotted this and posted it on Twittersaid “Interesting one box result being tested. Searching for the height […]

Microsoft Bing Testing Data Panel Take a look at Polls

Microsoft Bing may be testing polls for the knowledge panels they display on the right panel. If you search for [joe biden]and scroll down the right side knowledge panel, you may see a friendly poll or test. This was spotted by Shameem Adhikarath and I am not able to replicate it, so this might be […]

Google Testing Things To Do Carousel Overlay

Google is testing a new user interface for the “things to do” carousel. In this test, Google is overlaying the results on top of the search results, instead of taking you into a new page and set of search results. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani who called this the Things to do carousel in […]

Google Testing Snippets With Expandable Local Related Carousels

Google is testing a search result snippet that shows an expandable drop down menus under the snippet that contains weather, hotels, restaurants, visual stories, events and more. When you click on these expandable menus, you get carousels of search results for those types of search features. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani and posted on […]

Email Testing Instruments For Your Enterprise In 2022

Your marketing team sends out hundreds of email marketing campaigns. They pay close attention to the marketing copy and email content and play around with the format to make them the best they can be. After all, no one wants to send a bad email. But did you know you should be testing all your […]