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Google SGE Testing Eradicating Side Carousels

Google seems to be testing removing the side carousel in the SGE, Search Generative Experience, interface. The side carousel generally shows the card answers on the right side of the desktop SGE results. It seems Google is testing not showing those cards on the side panel. This was spotted by Jakub Landa, Bartosz Goralewicz pinged […]

Google Testing Eradicating Cache Link From Search Outcomes

Google seems to be testing removing the cache link from the search result snippet about this result box. I am in a test where the cache link is no longer available but while trying it while signed out, it is there. So I suspect Google is testing removing the cache link option. Here is a […]

Google Testing Eradicating The Estimated Quantity Of Search Outcomes Once more

Seems Google is once again testing removing the estimated number of search results under the search bar. You know, the line that says “About X results in Y seconds” Google is testing removing that again. We reported something similar in March 2022 and before that in July 2016. In this case, it seems to be […]

Google Eradicating Critiques From Local Business Profiles

There are numerous reports of Google doing some mass pruning and removals of reviews from the local maps results, from Google Business Profile listings. This is done every now and then, it is unclear if this is a bug or some new filter being applied to already approved reviews. Jason Brown posted a chart in […]

Facebook’s Eradicating a Vary of Location Monitoring Instruments as Knowledge Laws Proceed to Evolve

Could this be another victim of Apple’s iOS data tracking change? Meta is quietly changing the way that it uses Location Services in Facebook, with the Depreciation of several local-based functions in the appincluding Nearby Friends, weather alerts and Location History. As you can see in this example notification, shared by social media expert Matt […]

Eradicating AMP, Do not Fear About Redirecting Google AMP Cache URL

The AMP cache URL is the URL that looks like https://www.google.com/amp/s/ followed by your site’s details. You do not have fully control over that URL, so there is really no need to worry about having that URL redirect to your site. Google’s John Mueller said on Reddit “It’ll fix itself automatically, you don’t need to […]

Google Testing Eradicating The Estimated Number Of Search Outcomes

Google Search is testing removing the estimated number of search results figure you typically see under the search bar after you conduct a search query. Google tested this back in 2016 and I guess Google is testing it again. Initially, when I was first told about this test by Punit on Twitter and then Eli […]

Google is eradicating some HowTo, QAPage, and particular bulletins from assist paperwork

Google has removed the following structured data fields from its Google search help documentation. Google called these have been removed “as they are not used by Google Search and Rich Result Test does not flag any warnings for them.” Here are the structured data fields that have been removed: Under How one: Description. Under QAPage: […]