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Google Testing Eradicating The Estimated Quantity Of Search Outcomes Once more

Seems Google is once again testing removing the estimated number of search results under the search bar. You know, the line that says “About X results in Y seconds” Google is testing removing that again. We reported something similar in March 2022 and before that in July 2016. In this case, it seems to be […]

Click Bots And Faux Traffic Have Resulted In An Estimated $35 Billion In Harm To Advertisers

Click fraud is not a new thing. For years, this practice has been performed as a way to circumvent the system and suck money from internet advertisers. This practice has become increasingly sophisticated year after year. A study by the University of Baltimore estimates that this type of fraud cost approximately $35 billion dollars in […]

Google Testing Eradicating The Estimated Number Of Search Outcomes

Google Search is testing removing the estimated number of search results figure you typically see under the search bar after you conduct a search query. Google tested this back in 2016 and I guess Google is testing it again. Initially, when I was first told about this test by Punit on Twitter and then Eli […]

Google AdSense Estimated Earnings Report Is Presently Damaged

There are numerous reports that the Google AdSense estimated earnings report on the AdSense console homepage is reporting much lower than expected earnings. The report does not match up with the earnings in the Reports tab. This seems like a widespread bug impacting most, if not all, AdSense publishers right now. I have not seen […]