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KPIs Your CMO Desires In A Excessive-Degree Report

Your marketing report is a snapshot of your business. It helps you answer tough questions, like: How do you know if the marketing campaign you ran last quarter worked? How can you get your boss to approve more budget for certain tactics? How can you show clients that the work you do for them gets […]

5 Insights From The State of Marketing Report 2023 That Caught My Eye As A Marketer

The marketing world has been evolving pretty fast. In the first few months of 2023 Artificial Intelligence brought lots of new possibilities and challenges to professionals around the globe. Keeping up with the trends is a must if you are willing to be a successful marketer. We can easily see trends on social media, but […]

How to Write a Content Marketing Report? [Free Template]

If you’ve been putting your time into creating the best possible content, how can you tell if that effort is working for you? The answer is that you have to measure your success rate. When you are creating content like website pages and blogs, it can seem a bit subjective. The truth is that content […]

Google Search Console Provides New ‘Subscribed Content’ Report back to the Combine

Publishers who use Google’s Reader Revenue Manager to monetize their content and engage their audiences officially have a brand new tool to start getting excited about. Google has just introduced a new Search Console report designed to make connecting with readers even easier and more intuitive. The report, a rich results option called “Subscribed Content,” […]

Google Critiques Replace, Google Core Replace’s Native Search Affect, Webspam Report, Generative AI Coming To Google Search, Bard Updates & Bing Chat Plugins

This week in search, we covered the new April 2023 reviews update that goes beyond just product reviews. We also covered the possible impact the Google March 2023 broad core update had on local search. Google’s John Mueller said they don’t launch algorithm updates and say they got everything wrong. Google released its web spam […]

Google’s 2022 Internet Spam Report Exhibits SpamBrain Success

Every year Google releases its web spam report showing how much better the search company got at fighting search spam. This year is no different but here, Google is showing how successful SpamBrain was at making big strides in fighting search spam. Here are some high level numbers that Google shared in its 2022 report: […]

Google Search Console Core Web Vitals Report Could Report On Extra URLs

Google updated the Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console on March 27, 2023. The update may have resulted in a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals report, the search company wrote. Google wrote, “You may see a change in the number of URLs in your Core Web Vitals […]

Meta’s ‘Widely Viewed Content Report’ Highlights High Content Traits on Facebook

Meta has released the latest version of its Widely Viewed Content Reportwhich aims to dispel the notion that Facebook’s algorithms favor divisive, argumentative, political content, with the actual data showing that what the majority of Facebook users actually see in their feeds is far more mundane. It’s been an interesting experiment for Meta – earlier […]

Google Search Console Video Indexing Report Provides Impressions & Sitemap Filters

Google has updated the video indexing report within Google Search Console to add impression data and a way to filter the report by your available sitemaps. As a reminder, the video indexing report went fully live in August 2022 after Google started to slowly roll out the video index report within Google Search Console earlier […]