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Broken Link Overview: How to Fix

Broken links are a surefire way to destroy your credibility and waste your SEO efforts, but thankfully, they’re pretty easy to fix. This guide will show you exactly how to identify and fix these links, whether they’re backlinks or links within your content. I’ll show you: What causes links to ‘break’ Why they’re so harmful […]

Please Don’t Ask For A Refund, Begs Damaged Twitter App Developer

Apps that use third-party Twitter to advertise have seen their businesses go up in flames getty Twitterrific, a third-party Twitter application developer is appealing to customers for refunds after it was removed from the market. A sudden change to Twitter’s policy means that third-party Twitter clients are now banned. Consequently, Twitterrific and other popular apps […]

Google AdSense Estimated Earnings Report Is Presently Damaged

There are numerous reports that the Google AdSense estimated earnings report on the AdSense console homepage is reporting much lower than expected earnings. The report does not match up with the earnings in the Reports tab. This seems like a widespread bug impacting most, if not all, AdSense publishers right now. I have not seen […]