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Should You Write Underneath a Pseudonym? 7 Reasons to Consider

J.K Rowling.  Dr. Seuss. Mark Twain. Nora Roberts.  These authors aren’t who you think they are. Well, on paper at least. These authors, and many more, choose to write under a pseudonym, also called a pen name, meaning the names printed on their books are not the names they were born with.  Some people might […]

What is Irony? + 5 Tips To Use It In Your Writing

When it comes to learning different ways to write, you will want to spend time learning the advanced techniques to make your writing even stronger. In all of your writing techniques, you might have wondered what is irony? Irony is a powerful literary device that adds depth and complexity to your writing. It occurs when […]

Free 3D Illustrations Web sites for Graphic Designers

In the dynamic world of graphic design, 3D graphics hold the power to create aesthetically pleasing templates and are an essential tool for graphic designers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to revamp a dull website or just a graphics student, this curated list of 10 free 3D graphics and illustrations websites is your gateway […]

What’s Blackout Poetry? How to Use Erasure Verse in Your Art

Blackout poetry is for everyone, whether you see yourself as a creative person or you don’t think you have an artistic bone in your body. This unique artform blends literary and visual elements into a cohesive piece that can take infinite forms.  You’ve likely come across examples of blackout poetry in school or on social […]

Publish Your Personal Essay: 22 Magazines and Websites

Writing is a solitary act, but the importance of sharing your work can’t be overlooked. A personal essay can endear you to an audience, bring attention to an issue or simply provide comfort to a reader who’s “been there.” Journalists might find it difficult to steer away from research rituals to talk about themselves, but […]

Earn Cash by Participating in Research Studies

Participating in research studies is a fun and easy way to earn some extra money. There are many companies out there that are looking for people with your knowledge and experience to help them understand demographics better. Researchers will often form focus groups composed of people just like you to help them collect data for […]

6 Methods To Influence A Large Market

If you are looking for Christian writing work, you’re on the cusp of joining a writing niche that is in no way small. The faith economy’s annual worth is $1.2 trillion. Much of this is due to writing. Christian writers contribute to the writing world in many ways, a few of which are via personal […]

6 Platforms for Selling Antiques and Collectibles On-line

The antiques and collectibles industry is huge. And with the rapidly changing interior design trends, it’s only going to get bigger. With a growing awareness of sustainability, more and more people are looking for greener alternatives and turning to buying secondhand furniture and interior pieces. So if you still have your grandmother’s antique lamp from […]

Entry degree writing jobs | the place to seek out the very best ones

If you’re trying to break into the industry, entry level writing jobs can be a good way to get your foot in the door. And yes, contrary to popular belief, you can actually make money from entry-level positions (cue gasps of shock). We’re in our digital era—where content is king and screen time is on […]

7 Dependable Websites for Selling Unused Reward Playing cards

Have you ever wondered if you could return a gift card? We all love receiving gifts but what if you get something that’s just of no use to you? Maybe you have a gift card for a cosmetic store but you’re not that into makeup. Or maybe you have a bunch of gift cards from […]