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FBI Says New SMS Textual content Grift Alleges Unpaid Toll Highway Expenses

The FBI has issued a new warning of a phishing scam that’s been targeting Americans using toll roads via SMS. Called a “smishing” grift (a hacking scam that’s performed using fake SMS text messages), and the FBI said that it has received over 2,000 complaints across three different states from people alleging they were contacted […]

Improve Output with AI Text and Speech for $35

Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. Entrepreneurs know that growth requires making the most of a budget. Utilizing new-age AI tools to help scale […]

Make Cash Proofreading Textual content: Top 10 Websites

Step into the world of online proofreading jobs—a virtual realm where your love for language and attention to detail can translate into a rewarding career. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, spotlighting various websites that provide opportunities for individuals to engage in proofreading tasks from the comfort of their own homes. From grammar enthusiasts […]

TikTook Rolls Out New Textual content Measurement Choices to Enhance Accessibility

TikTok’s rolling out a new accessibility option, with users now able to adjust the text size display in the app, making it easier to read displayed system text. TikTok just became even more accessible! In an effort to ensure we’re meeting our community’s needs, we’re launching new dynamic text size options ????????To learn more about […]

The Artwork of Personalized Text Messages

Picture this. You’re having a coffee with friends in your favorite cafe. And suddenly, someone shouts your name. You’ll likely turn your head toward the noise to see why someone called you — even if only to find out they were speaking to someone who shares your name.   While you can’t walk around coffeehouses calling […]

Meta Previews New Generative AI Tools Which Will Facilitate Video and Picture Creation from Text Prompts

Meta has today showcased two new generative AI projects, that will eventually enable Facebook and Instagram users to create videos from text prompts, and facilitate customized edits of images in-stream, which could have a range of valuable applications. Both projects are based on Meta’s “Emu” AI research project, which explores new ways to use generative […]

Google Search Generative Experience AI Reply With Bolded Text & New Links

Google seems to be bolding text within the Google Search Generative Experience AI answer snapshot when that text matches part or all of the query. Google does this with the normal search result snippets and now seems to be doing it here, in the new Google SGE. This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani who posted […]

How and Why to Transcribe Text from Video Content

How and Why to Transcribe Text from Video Content by Adam | October 24, 2023 With the proliferation of video content across platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and corporate websites, the demand for transcription services has significantly risen. Transcribing video content involves converting spoken words into written text. This process offers numerous benefits, both from […]

Google Search Generative Experience Now Can Create Images & Textual content

Google has upgraded its Search Generative Experience to create images and text, not just give you answers and show you images or content from others. Google said SGE can now help with “creating an image that can bring an idea to life, or getting help on a written draft when you need a starting point.” […]

Google Says Textual content To HTML Ratio Makes No Sense For web optimization & Ignore It

Google’s John Mueller is at it again, saying that text-to-HTML ratios are not a thing for SEO. He said on Reddit, “It makes absolutely no sense at all for SEO,” and you should “ignore any report that gives you a text:html ratio.” John wrote, “Please, ignore any report that gives you a text:html ratio. It […]