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X Provides New One-Off API Entry Expansions to Facilitate Extra Use Instances

In response to various requests from developers, X (formerly Twitter) is rolling out a new API access process, which will enable API subscribers to get an extra 10k posts within a certain threshold every month. As you can see in this example, subscribers will now have the option to pay a one-off fee to access […]

Meta Previews New Generative AI Tools Which Will Facilitate Video and Picture Creation from Text Prompts

Meta has today showcased two new generative AI projects, that will eventually enable Facebook and Instagram users to create videos from text prompts, and facilitate customized edits of images in-stream, which could have a range of valuable applications. Both projects are based on Meta’s “Emu” AI research project, which explores new ways to use generative […]

Meta Inks New Cope with Amazon to Facilitate Amazon Buying on Facebook and IG

There was a bit of discussion late this week about a new arrangement between Amazon and Meta, which will enable Facebook and IG users purchase Amazon products in-stream. As you can see in this sequence (posted by Maurice Rahmey on Threads), the new Amazon/Instagram integration, in this example, will enable Instagram users to connect their […]

Meta Introduces Promotional Adverts to Facilitate Direct Buyer Engagement

Meta is testing a new feature – promotional ads – with the aim of helping brands to have more direct contact with their consumers through Facebook. According to the company, it will be easier for consumers to take advantage of discounts on a first purchase, and promotions offered by brands. The various lead gene form […]

Meta and TikTok Launch New Initiatives to Facilitate Connection Between Manufacturers and Creators

Courting creators is back in style, with both Meta and TikTok launching new initiatives to lure top creators and pair them with affiliate marketing opportunities within their respective apps. At Meta, the platform has launched a new video series that aims to address myths and misconceptions that creators may have about Facebook, and their potential […]

Twitter Provides WhatsApp and LinkedIn Sharing Buttons to Facilitate Broader Tweet Engagement

Twitter’s looking to better facilitate the spread of tweets beyond its own platform via a new WhatsApp sharing button for users in India, along with a new LinkedIn sharing option, with dedicated tweet presentation in the app. First off, on the new WhatsApp button – given WhatsApp is by far the most used messaging app […]

LinkedIn Provides New Templates for Posts to Facilitate Extra Inventive Updates

LinkedIn continues to add new ways to help creators maximize engagement in the app, this time via a new templates option for postswhich provides a range of text formatting and background options for your LinkedIn updates. As you can see in this sequence, you can now tap on the new ‘Use a Template’ option in […]

Facebook Assessments New Choice to Facilitate Publish Sharing to A number of Teams at As soon as

It’s interesting that at a time when Facebook is being accused of fueling its own growth about the public goodif it is checked on the way it is facilitates reinforcement of misinformation. What’s interesting is that in all of this, the platform is still testing new options that would essentially enable exactly this behavior. Today, […]