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Meta and TikTok Launch New Initiatives to Facilitate Connection Between Manufacturers and Creators

Courting creators is back in style, with both Meta and TikTok launching new initiatives to lure top creators and pair them with affiliate marketing opportunities within their respective apps. At Meta, the platform has launched a new video series that aims to address myths and misconceptions that creators may have about Facebook, and their potential […]

Top 10 Marketing Initiatives to Try in 2023

There’s more to creating a successful marketing plan in 2023 than simply knowing the basics and following the rules. Businesses are like people in that each is unique and has its own individual selling points that set it apart. What works well from a marketing standpoint for one business may be a terrible fit for […]

Meta and TikTok Launch Initiatives To Assist Small Businesses Promote Extra Throughout The Finish Of The Yr

From insights into consumer behavior in the same period of previous years, to credits for ads, Meta other tik tok created a series of actions together with content creators to encourage and help small entrepreneurs to create digital content that drives increased sales. The incentive comes to help with the expectation of sales for the […]

4 Brands Nailing Diversity Initiatives To Be Inspired

Brands can play a huge role in transforming the world by educating the market, and sharing the right message. But how are brands positioning themselves in relation to diversity, inclusion and accessibility? Let’s see some real-world examples of brands that are really bringing these thoughts into their brands with responsibility and action. Diversity in education […]

The Proper Mindset For Firms to Achieve Social Influence Initiatives

Let me tell you a little about rock content‘s social impact story, from our purpose to actions, results and lessons learned. We currently hear the following question, “Why are you doing social impact?”, and we could say that we do what we do for two main reasons: because it’s the right thing to do, and […]