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Meta Introduces Promotional Adverts to Facilitate Direct Buyer Engagement

Meta is testing a new feature – promotional ads – with the aim of helping brands to have more direct contact with their consumers through Facebook. According to the company, it will be easier for consumers to take advantage of discounts on a first purchase, and promotions offered by brands. The various lead gene form […]

6 Methods to Enhance Your Social Media Engagement with Email Advertising and marketing

Some social media evangelists will tell you that email marketing is dead. Of course, they’re wrong. Email is still a preeminent form of communication that gets marketing results that most other channels could only dream of. It’s cost-effective, customizable, easy to use, builds connections, and, most importantly, spurs your audience to action. Consider these statistics: […]

LinkedIn Updates Seeokay To Increase Engagement. What Modifications For Manufacturers And Entrepreneurs?

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, is constantly seeking ways to improve the user experience and increase engagement on the platform. Many updates have been launched between 2022 and this year, such as “Collaborative Articles,” which aims to increase engagement using AI, SEO toolsand improved search results. And it continues to improve. For the […]

16 Facebook Engagement Post Concepts For Extra Likes and Shares

Are you tired of seeing all the happy, smiling brands around you, animatedly chatting about their latest successful campaign while you’re on the sidelines wondering when it’ll be your turn to get engagement, too? You don’t need to wait for the Facebook algorithm to notice you: You already have everything you need to get more […]

LinkedIn Goals To Enhance Engagement By Tapping Into AI With Their New ‘Collaborative Articles’

Along with a plethora of others new features other tools, LinkedIn has recently announced Collaborative Articles. This new feature is designed to bring in opinions and advice from professionals across the platform in answer to prompts from AI. The new feature is intended to provide several benefits: Members get help and advice from real people […]

15 Ideas for a Better Instagram Engagement Fee [CALCULATOR]

Every brand on Instagram needs to understand how to create authentic, organic Instagram engagement. Posting content is great, but if no one likes, comments, or shares it, your account will flounder. You need engagement to tie your Instagram efforts to real business goals. This post will dive deep into how you can increase engagement through […]

Engagement Price Calculator + Information for 2023

Engagement rates are the currency of the social media marketing industry. Sure, vanity metrics like followers and impressions count for something. But engagement metrics like the number of likes and comments give your social media performance perspective. That’s why engagement rate is often used as a selling point in influencer marketing media kits, or to […]

Online Social Engagement: The Future of Hybrid and Virtual Events

Online Social Engagement: The Future of Hybrid and Virtual Events by Adam | November 11, 2022 The COVID pandemic has affected the way businesses and employees travel and interact at events, especially with the big shift towards digital engagement. More communication is being done over email and video conferencing while online engagement has reduced the […]

Reddit Supplies Insights into Halloween Engagement Developments [Infographic]

Spooky season is here, and with Halloween coming up in just over a week’s time, there are big opportunities for themed tie-ins and posts to help boost your social media engagement and branding efforts. And one platform you may not have considered in this respect is Reddit, which sees a heap of Halloween-related discussions and […]

9 Strategies to Increase Email Engagement

The email inbox is a competitive place where only the strongest emails survive. The average open rate of marketing emails is 21.33%, meaning recipients delete most marketing messages without opening them. And some emails don’t even make it to the inbox (but that’s a deliverability issue for another post). Don’t get us wrong—email continues to […]