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Automated Happy Birthday Emails | Twilio SendGrid

Birthdays: some people love them, while others dread them. Regardless of how you feel about this annual reminder of passing time, for email marketers, birthdays are an opportunity to build relationships with customers. A common way to do this is with the birthday email, using automation and customer data to send subscribers a discount or […]

ActiveCampaign Email Designer Helps Build Responsive Emails With Ease

Whether your business is a seasoned, 500 employee organization, or a one-person show, email marketing is highly valuable. It’s also flexible and adaptable as your audience, methods, and business grows, and does a great job to get your message across to everyone in your audience. We believe in email so much, we decided to invest […]

Send transactional emails from an automation with Postmark

Since Postmark joined the team at ActiveCampaignwe’ve been busy developing ways to connect the two platforms, and we’re excited to share the first big milestone with you: Introducing the Postmark App for ActiveCampaign. With the new Postmark App for ActiveCampaign, you can set up and trigger transactional emails from an automation, making it easier than […]

[2022] Best Abandoned Cart Emails: Examples + Subject Lines

Abandoned cart emails are a nonnegotiable part of any ecommerce store’s marketing strategy. Or at least they should be. Why? Because of these eye-opening abandoned cart email statistics: Customers abandon over 77% of digital carts Abandoned cart email open rates hover around 43% Abandoned cart emails boast a nearly 9% conversion rate Those are some […]

How to Write Follow-Up Emails: Full Information and Samples

Have you ever had your sales emails ignored? This can be extremely frustrating—it’s the business version of being left on read. Yet, many of us get uncomfortable at the thought of writing a follow-up email. Because if they haven’t replied, that must mean they’re not interested, right? While this might be true in some cases, […]

How you can Embed Images in Your Emails (CID, Inline, & Extra)

It’s nice to Spice up your marketing or transactional emails with a few images from time to time. Even if it’s just a logo, you’ll find it helps to add a touch of legitimacy to what you’re sending out. However, there’s no one way to do this. Do you link out to the image on […]

How to Write Enjoyable Emails (Plus Funny Email Examples)

Humor is a great way to engage people. It helps lighten the mood, brings a smile, and, if done well, makes your brand more memorable. But before we get into how we can add humor to emails, let’s lay some groundwork. Funny campaigns don’t work for every brand. You don’t want your medical provider or […]

How To Decide The Best Time To Send Advertising and marketing Emails

Today, more than 330 billion emails will be sent worldwide. And again tomorrow. And the next day. And every day that follows. That’s twice as many emails every hour as people in the world. Marketers are responsible for a considerable chunk of that, with the email lists of many companies reaching into the tens and […]

How to Create Customized Emails

Personalization, also known as one-to-one marketing or marketing to the individual, is an increasingly common tactic that marketers use to connect with their prospects and customers. In essence, it’s all about using the data you have about your customers to deliver a tailored marketing message.  In this article, you’ll find tips to help you personalize […]

Handle Offers Extra Effectively With Enhanced Direct Emails

How do you keep the deals in your pipeline on track to become customers? ActiveCampaign gives sales teams everything they need to manage deals and identify qualified leads as sales opportunities. And it’s easy to stay on top of deals by sending direct one-to-one emails to a contact right from their deal record. This helps […]