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Elevate Your Electronic mail Marketing With Automated 1:1 Emails for Prime-of-Funnel Prospecting

It is rare to discover a brand that is not engaged in email marketing. In today’s market, 85% of B2B companies consider it a pivotal element in their content marketing strategy. Whether promoting new products, distributing weekly newsletters, or nurturing leads, everyone seems to be leveraging the power of email. However, with numerous brands vying […]

How to Send Customized Emails (That Really Get Opened!)

Many businesses have realized the power of email marketing but despite growing to a 7.5 billion dollar industry, some questions remain unanswered: How do you personalize emails to everybody on your email list? How do you make every customer feel like each email they get was made specifically for them? Sending personalized emails is easy […]

Google Offering Personalized Google Business Profile Emails Relating to Suspensions

Google sends some businesses personalized emails about suspensions to their Google Business Profile. The emails explain why the suspension happened and the necessary steps to reverse the suspension, with an offer for more personalized advice over email. Colan Nielsen posted an example of this on X, here is his screenshot: Here is what the text […]

Google Business Profile Suspension Emails Now Let You Appeal Suspension

Google has added to the new Google Business Profile suspension emails the ability to make an appeal request, right from the email. The latest update was that the emails showed details on why your business was suspended but now Google gives you a blue appeals button to fight back on that suspension. Molly Youngblood spotted […]

6 Event Emails That Fill Your (Digital or Bodily) Seats in 2024 and Past

“Put me down as a maybe.” “I have to check my calendar.” “I don’t know, I’ll let you know.” Classic responses to an event invitation. Frustrating responses.  Nothing kills the buzz of an exciting event like a lack of attendees. If you get people to come, hosting events can set your business apart. Sounds great! […]

Your Information to Personalized Product Suggestions in Emails

Most buyers want customized product suggestions when shopping online, making personalization a must-have for ecommerce businesses.  In fact, a Zendesk report shows that 62% of shoppers prefer personalized recommendations to general ones. And 60% can tell when suggestions are customized. By recommending items customers might be interested in, you can significantly enhance engagement, boost conversions, […]

How to Get a Good Open Price for Your Emails (my step-by-step information)

How to improve your email open rate There can be several reasons for low open rates. But the great news is that most of them are common culprits that even big corporations wrestle with. And guess what? You can easily flip the script with these 5 tips:  Subject lines The subject line is that little […]

CC and BCC in Emails: How to Use Each Like a Professional

So there you are, feeling snazzy about the email you’ve just written. It’s articulate. It’s charming. It’s professional. Now, you just have to send it. But should you use CC or BCC? After all, you don’t want your emails going to the spam folder. And which recipients go in which section? You don’t want your […]

AI-Powered Sales Engagement Automation: Generate E mail Content material for Automated 1:1 Prospecting Emails, Saved Responses, and Direct 1:1 Messages

As a marketer or sales rep trying to nurture and quality leads at scale, time is of the essence– ActiveCampaign’s AI email generator is here to revolutionize your workflow.  In addition to using AI to generate email content for your marketing campaigns, you can now generate content for your automated 1:1 prospecting emails, standard saved […]

7 Methods To Stage Up Your Emails

Like many others, I read and reply to hundreds of emails every week and I have for years. And as with anything — some emails are so much better than others. Some emails truly stand out because the person took time to research, or they shared their request quickly. There are a lot of things […]