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How to Start an Email: Greetings and Opening Sentences

Crafting a powerful professional email sets the tone for the rest of your business communication. However, despite people engaging with around 347.3 billion emails per day worldwide, most still grapple with how to start an email correctly. We’ve all been there… Taking a little bit too long overthinking is the perfect way to balance out […]

141+ Giving Tuesday Email Topic Lines and Examples

Cyber Monday and Black Friday tend to get all the spotlight during Cyber Week, but there’s another special day that deserves some attention during all the holiday hustle and bustle: Giving Tuesday.  How can your Giving Tuesday message stand out in an inbox flooded with deals, promotions, and holiday sales? The answer lies in the […]

11 Intelligent AI E-mail Administration Instruments and Options

AI email management is increasingly moving from an ideal to a must. In the early days of email, inboxes had lots in common with traditional mailboxes. Once delivered to your inbox, communications waited there for you to open the “box” and view the contents. It’s no wonder that the first email program, developed at the […]

111+ Thanksgiving Email Topic Lines (Copy/Paste Templates)

Thanksgiving: a time of gratitude, family gatherings, and feasts. For email marketers, it’s also an occasion to tap into the warmth and generosity of the season and create campaigns that resonate with subscribers. You need top-notch Thanksgiving email subject lines to stand a chance of getting your audience’s attention on this busy holiday. After all, […]

Apple iOS 17: New Options & What It Means For Electronic mail

In North America, autumn means several things—kids going back to school, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice everything! It’s also the time Apple introduces its new products and hosts its software showcase. This year, Apple introduced to us a new iPhone, updated products, and iOS 17, the newest version of their mobile operating system. iOS 15 […]

How you can Use Email to Increase Retention and Customer Lifetime Worth

Imagine if you could turn your customers into loyal fans who buy from you again and again. Imagine if you could make more money from each customer without spending a dime on ads or new products. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Focus on two key metrics — retention and customer […]

What is an Email Sequence? (+5 Sequences Value Over $4 Trillion)

A well-done, automated email sequence is what makes your revenue look good. Get that paper (from a digital marketing channel!) What’s an automated email sequence? We’ll get there in a moment but for now… Imagine if you could keep all of your customers interested without lifting so much as a finger. Well ok, maybe one […]

Email Choice Heart: Varieties, Finest Practices & Examples

It’s inevitable that some of your recipients might fall out of love with your email or start to feel some email fatigue (with the average person receiving up to 100 emails/day it’s no surprise!)! No matter how helpful your content is or how impressive and creative your templates are, unsubscribes are just a fact of […]

105+ Best Black Friday Electronic mail Topic Lines (Templates and Examples)

Your Black Friday email subject lines can help or hurt your holiday sales. However, with so much on your plate already, coming up with creative, compelling campaign ideas this late might feel like starting a 10K at the marathon finish line (woof).  Black Friday has grown from a one-day, in-person shopping event to a week-long […]

Email Etiquette within the Fashionable Period – A Research by GetResponse 

Welcome to the landscape of business emails, a realm that seemingly stands apart from the relaxed chatterboxes of Slack or the casual feeds of social media. But does it? Or do the same rules apply? Can spontaneous GIFs, emojis, and informal banter cross the chasm between social platforms and our work inboxes? Our most recent […]