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Google Business Profile Posts/Updates Provides Cropping Picture Software

Google has added to the Google Business Profiles Google Posts or Updates section the ability to use a cropping tool when you upload photos to your updates. So now you can upload photos and crop them later in the Google Updates section. This was spotted by Claire Carlile who posted this screenshot on Twitter: You […]

Google Business Profile Manager Redirecting To Search

Google is now redirecting some (or all) of those trying to edit their business profiles in the Google Business Profile manager to the Google Search interface. You can still manage to get in there but on first click, you are taken to Google Search to manage your business. This is now happening to me as […]

Google Business Profile Web Search Menu Now Rolling Out

A few months ago, we reported Google was testing an expanded menu to manage your Google Business Profile in Google Web Search. Well, now it seems to be fully rolled out, where Google is giving business owners the ability to quickly edit their business profile directly in web search through these new action buttons (previously […]

Third Celebration Appointment Providers Showing Too Typically In Google Native Business Profile Panels

Google Maps and local panels have shown booking, appointment, reservation, and other ordering solutions from third parties for many years. And while we have a way to opt out, it is still causing a lot of confusion and frustration for these small businesses. We covered this issue years ago with restaurants not wanting orders to […]

Uncommon Spike In Google Business Profile Insights Visitors For Some

There are some reports that in some industries, like the auto dealership industry, there is a bug with Google Business Profile insights reporting. There shows a large and unaccounted-for spike in traffic from Google Local and Google Maps for some of these businesses in these Google reports. There are two threads about this in the […]

Google Business Profile Images Labeled With X Weeks In the past

Google seems to be testing showing when a photo was taken or uploaded to a Google Business Profile listing. Google has done this for image search and other areas but I am not sure if this was done for photos on Business Profiles. This was spotted by Mike Blumenthal, who shared this screenshot with me […]

Google Adds Products To Business Profile Guidelines

Google has added a new section for products to the Google Business Profile guidelines. The section says “If you run a retail business, you can show nearby shoppers what you sell by adding your in-store products to your Business Profile at no charge.” You can see those guidelines over here that says: You can add […]

Google Business Profile Testing Captions & Descriptions On Business Pictures

Google is testing allowing business owners to add captions or descriptions to photos they upload to their business profiles. Mike Blumenthal spotted this in a Google Business Profile Help thread and also posted about it on Twitter. The funny thing is that this is a feature request for a while and Google told people that […]

Find out how to Craft a Click on-Worthy Google Business Profile Post

A Google Business Profile is a hidden gem that many small business owners can use to their advantage. just like search engine optimization can fuel your growth in the Google rankings, Google Business Profiles are another way to direct eyes from organic searches to your business. we’ve highlighted the impact of Google Business Profiles for […]