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Twitter Will Re-Launch Swipeable Feed Options Amid Rising Frustration Round Tweet Suggestions

Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter 2.0’ really should really be titled ‘Twitter 1.5’, because none of his touted ‘new’ additions thus far are actually new at all, they’re all just variations of past Twitter experiments, which Elon’s then re-pitching as upgrades, as he foists them upon the platform’s users. Musk’s latest ‘new’ addition is this: Sound familiar? […]

Buyer Onboarding Suggestions for ISVs

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV) that integrates your communication platform with SendGrid APIsthis post is for you. Enabling many customers to operate email programs concurrently is a complex task and you are in good hands with Twilio SendGrid. Our experience working with some of the world’s largest volume ISVs has taught us […]

Google Discover Modifications “More Suggestions” Label To “More Merchandise”

In March, I wrote a post about a button labeled “More recommendations” being surfaced in Google Discover. The call to action would show up after researching products in Google Search and would lead to a “Task Dashboard” containing a boatload of content that helps users continue researching products (including articles, video, product comparison functionality, and […]

Increase ecommerce conversions with product AI suggestions

Are you struggling with maintaining a continuous flow of sales for your online store? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything that’s in your budget but none of the quick fixes seemed to bring in the results you hoped for? Have you already considered giving GetResponse a try but couldn’t help but felt like some […]

Google Ads Can Automatically Apply Recommendations & Good points Recommendations For Discovery Campaigns

Google Ads can now automatically apply recommendations at scale, also Google Discovery campaigns now support recommendations and Google added more tools for your video ad campaigns. Auto Apply Recommendations Google Ads now allows you to automatically apply recommendations in Google Ads manager accounts. Google says that “this makes it easier for you to manage and […]

Counterintuitive website positioning Suggestions That Would possibly Work

A couple of months ago Aleyda Solis posted a thread on Twitter (I’ve been waiting for a slow week to post it here) asking, “What is the most contradicting SEO recommendation / implementation you’ve made, that in the context that you worked in actually made sense? and paid off as expected? “ The thread is […]

Reddit Launches New Updates for its Advert Platform, Together with Bid Suggestions

Reddit continues to refine its ad tools with a new update of its platform for ad creationincluding bid recommendations, improved editing features, and improved system performance. Let’s start with bid recommendations – now when you set up your Reddit Ads campaign, the dashboard will show you a recommended bid price to ensure optimal audience reach […]