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A Deep Dive into Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding has emerged as a potent investment method, democratizing the process by allowing individuals to participate in transactions that were once reserved for the wealthy. However, like every investment avenue, it comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. Understanding these aspects is crucial for those looking to capitalize on this innovative […]

How These New Facebook Smart Glasses May Change Social Media

Audience member G.O. Burton watches the Meta Connect Developer Conference keynote while wearing … [+] Ray-Ban Meta 2nd generation smart glasses at Meta’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California on Wednesday September 27, 2023. (Photo by JOSH EDELSON / AFP) (Photo by JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images Watching a livestream feels a […]

Google Rolls Out Updates To The Search Generative Experience

Google has rolled out some updates to the Search Generative Experience (SGE) the company announced on its blog. One update is that SGE should now respond with higher-quality, more accurate responses, the second update is to write responses on sensitive topics based on Google’s quality and safety principles. Google also released the about this result […]

Google Local Chat With A Live Agent Increasing

In May we reported Google was testing a “chat with a live agent” button for some local panels within Google Search. Well, that feature might be rolling out more fully now. Joy Hawkins, a local SEO who is on top of things, said she on X, “First time I’ve been able to spot this chat […]

7 Methods To Stage Up Your Emails

Like many others, I read and reply to hundreds of emails every week and I have for years. And as with anything — some emails are so much better than others. Some emails truly stand out because the person took time to research, or they shared their request quickly. There are a lot of things […]

Extended – New Google Crawler To Block Bard Or Google AI From Utilizing Your Content material

Google has announced a new Googlebot, a new Google crawler, named Google-Extended that you can use to control if your content can help improve Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs or future Google AI products. So if you want to disallow Bard from using your content, you specify so in your robots.txt with the user […]

Meta Publishes New Report on Evolving Consumption Shifts, and What Entrepreneurs Must Contemplate

Meta has published a new report which looks at the key consumption shifts that brands need to consider in their marketing outreach, which highlights some important notes for all businesses to factor in. The research, conducted by Meta, in partnership with Kantar and Nielsen, is focused on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, though many of […]

Audiences Are (Nonetheless) Property – ActiveCampaign jrohrs September 28, 2023

How relevant is a book written ten years ago to a digital marketer today?  A couple of weeks ago, I posed that very question on LinkedIn when I realized that my book, AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers, was approaching nearly a decade in print. Over the course of this blog […]

Google September Helpful Content material Replace Carried out, SGE Updates, Hyperlinks Not A Prime Rating Issue, Bing Hiding Ads & Google’s twenty fifth Birthday

This week in search, Google finished rolling out the September 2023 helpful content update, which seemed to target SEO-first, search engine-first content in a big way. Google won’t be rolling back that update, if you were wondering. Google SGE got an update, too, with new, improved responses, safer responses, and also the “about this result” […]

How to Start an Email: Greetings and Opening Sentences

Crafting a powerful professional email sets the tone for the rest of your business communication. However, despite people engaging with around 347.3 billion emails per day worldwide, most still grapple with how to start an email correctly. We’ve all been there… Taking a little bit too long overthinking is the perfect way to balance out […]