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Want More Confidence? Here Are 10 Bestpromoting Books on Confidence

If you struggle with confidence and self-esteem, you’re not alone. Over the years, studies have shown that a majority of people — about 85 percent — struggle with self-confidence. Improving self-esteem can have significant long-term benefits. Gaining confidence is a difficult process, but you can seek help from experts or people with valuable life experiences […]

12 Books That Self-Made Millionaires Advocate

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. A successful path to self-made wealth requires hustle, grit and knowledge. Some people may try unsuccessfully to become rich quickly, but the truly successful understand the importance of long-term learning and growth. Therefore, it is no surprise that many self-made millionaires attribute their success to specific books. […]

How to Use This Book Advertising Tool to Promote Books

In January, 2023, I gave away 60,301 books on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo combined. And that’s just for one title. I nearly died of excitement. Not only did it mean 60,000 people were willing to take a chance on my book, but it meant exposure, sales and several other big wins for […]

Listed below are 50 books I like to recommend

I’m a big reader (I try to read two books a week), so people often come to me for good book recommendations. That’s why I decided to compile a list of 50 recommended books to read that I absolutely love—and think you will too. I do have one request before you jump in—follow Ramit’s Book-Buying […]

7 Masterful Books To Quote On Your Social Media Feed

Stack of books on the wall in the home getty As much as I hate the word “content” (since it is so generic), it is true that social media is a place for sharing information and debating topics. You may find it difficult to think of enough material to quote or discuss, but with these […]

10 Best Poetry Books of All Time According to The Write Life

Poetry is a timeless art that captures the beauty of language, incorporates the art of storytelling, and impacts us on an emotional level. But with so much poetry out there in the world, where do you start? This post explores some of the best poetry books and poems—both fiction and non-fiction. Best Poetry Books and […]

Earn Online by Reviewing Books: 10 websites

Love reading books and books and more books? So if you love reading so much, why not turn your hobby into a good-paying side hustle? There are many ways to earn online as a book reader who loves all things books. One of these ways is reviewing books. Since you already read so much, there […]

Top 10 Finest Books on Public Speaking

Speaking in front of a crowd is a responsibility that strikes fear in the hearts of many who have to do it, and with good reason. For writers (and for much of the general public) it can feel extremely daunting to put yourself in front of an ocean of watching eyes, standing under the spotlight. […]

The whole lot You Have to Know About Booktok + 5 Best Books

The TikTok community of BookTok has quickly become one of the leading book recommendation platforms in the world. Its unique combination of social media and book reviews has revolutionized how people find new books to read. But what is BookTok? How do you get started on BookTok? And who are some of its top influencers? […]

How to Write Creepy Books for Adults

Halloween has come and gone, but readers of all ages love to cozy up with a good horror book throughout the fall and winter. So why not try your hand at writing a creepy book People have been fascinated by creepy subject matter since… well, forever. Ghost stories have been around since people have, and […]