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X Provides Parts to Communities as Group Engagement Continues To Rise

With engagement in X Communities on the rise, the platform formerly known as Twitter has today previewed some coming Community features, which are designed to help maximize usage, and facilitate simplified management for group admins. First off, X is looking to add new analytics for communities, in order to give admins more direction as to […]

X Provides Adult Content Setting for Communities

As much as this may sound like a controversial shift towards less-than-savory adult content on X (formerly Twitter), it seems that the story is less salacious than it may have initially appeared. Earlier today, Bloomberg reported that X is rolling out a new feature that will enable users to create communities around adult content, by […]

15 Communities for Creators to Assist You Connect, Study, and Find Model Partnerships

Life as a creator can occasionally be a little… lonely. Whether you’re growing your audience as a full-time gig or side project, a career as a creator doesn’t come with colleagues to grow with and learn from — unless you join one of these communities.  As content creation continues to blossom into a viable, lucrative […]

4 Pros and Cons of Online Communities for Stock Traders

Online communities like Real Life Trading are virtual spaces for stock traders where individuals can come together to discuss market trends, share trading strategies, and offer support to one another. They have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has made it easier for traders to connect. While they may seem like a convenient […]

Reddit’s Retiring its ‘Live Chat’ Possibility in Subreddit Communities

After trying out another way to spark real-time conversation in the app, Reddit has announced that it’s sunsetting its “Live Chat” option within communities. Which is actually one of several live engagement options that Reddit has tried, and it’s important to clarify which is which, and which is actually being shut down with this announcement. […]

Apollo iOS App Shutdown Sparks Reddit Communities’ Protest In opposition to API Pricing Modifications

The popular iOS app Apollo, known for its seamless Reddit browsing experience, is being forced to shut down due to the escalating costs associated with the platform’s new API pricing. The announcement has sent shockwaves through the Reddit community, leaving both content creators and users concerned about the implications of this decision holds. On June […]

How Niche Communities On TikTok Are Rewriting Mainstream Tradition

Forget the mainstream – niche communities are the future of digital culture. Whalar’s Aime Hunter breaks down the changing landscape and identifies the five key learnings for going niche. TikTok is changing both pop culture and brand / Credit: Adobe Stock Mainstream culture is changing as we know it. For millennials, popular culture and style […]

WhatsApp Launched The Communities Feature. How Can Marketers Take Benefit Of It?

The main word that has guided WhatsApp’s actions throughout this year: Communities. In April, the company shared with its audience their vision for communities. They explained exactly what we could expect from it and which actions they were planning to take for this new feature to become a reality. Well, the time has finally come! […]

Meta Declares 2022 Facebook Communities Summit Occasion

meta has announced the date for its 2022 Facebook Communities Summit, with a virtual event scheduled for October 21st, in which Meta will bring together moderators from various Facebook groups to provide key insights and tips, while also sharing previews of upcoming groups tools and features. as per Meta: “The Facebook Communities Summit is back. […]

How Manufacturers Can Assist Indigenous Communities on Social—the Proper Manner

There is a growing interest among businesses, large and small, to add their voices to the nationwide acknowledgment of the trauma inflicted upon Indigenous children at Canada’s Indian Residential Schools. This was amplified in 2021 with the location of nearly a thousand unmarked graves at sites of the now-shuttered institutions—and we know thousands more have […]