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YouTube Shorts Monetization Information [How Much Can You Make?]

Just like all the other social platforms, YouTube has been leaning hard into short-form video content, with a Shorts tab on the main menu and a prominent Shorts feature on the watch page. So, it’s no surprise that YouTube Shorts reached two billion monthly logged-in users as of July 2023. In this post, we talk […]

18 YouTube Shorts Concepts For Your Subsequent Video

With more than 50 billion daily views, YouTube Shorts offers a unique opportunity for content creators to reach a wider audience, promote longer videos, and even increase subscribers. For content creators and small businesses, Shorts can be a game-changer. Whether you’re repurposing old content, sharing clips from live streams, promoting exclusive content, or hopping on […]

17 Ideas for Writing Efficient YouTube Descriptions [Free Tool]

A good YouTube description can spike your audience’s interest and result in longer watch times, better view counts, and even new subscribers. Plus, it can help with YouTube SEO, allowing YouTube’s algorithm to understand your content and suggest it to new users, further boosting your YouTube stats. Writing these descriptions is an important part of […]

How to Make Cash on YouTube as a Creator

Since adding short form video through Shorts in 2021, YouTube has opened up to more creators. And by going a step further to add Shorts creators to the YouTube Partner program, the possibilities for monetization on the platform have increased tenfold. YouTubers can monetize their content in several ways, from brand sponsorships to selling merchandise. […]

YouTube Updates its Impersonation Coverage to Fight Rising Re-Use of Creator Content material

YouTube is making a change to its impersonation policy in order to combat rising misrepresentation and impersonation in the app. The updated rules will require fan channels to clearly state that they are not affiliated with the entity that they’re supporting. As explained by YouTube: “If you operate a fan channel, make sure you state […]

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Identify [Username Generator]

Choosing a name for you YouTube channel is a lot like picking a band name. It can be difficult to land on a decision, and when you’re just starting out you might not think it matters too much. But the last thing you want is to get famous and be stuck with the name you […]

How the YouTube Algorithm Works (And What You Must Know)

YouTube is a staple in the global cultural landscape – parents use it to keep their kids occupied, students use it to learn, and millions use it for entertainment, information, and everything in between. But one thing that is often a mystery is discovery – how do people get the content they do? Why does […]

How I Earned $389,822 A Yr On YouTube

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. One of the best things about YouTube is its incredible potential to earn you income. With multiple ways to monetize your channel, an unlimited income ceiling and direct access to a network of targeted viewers, YouTube channels have the potential to not simply be just a hobby […]

From Zero to 30K YouTube Subscribers in Six Months, How This Creator Did It

Paul O’Malley’s YouTube channel, which features quick tips to improve efficiency, skyrocketed to over 30,000 subscribers in just under six months. Those are impressive numbers! So how did Paul do it? We sat down with him to discuss his journey and discover the strategies and techniques he used to rapidly grow his audience. Get ready […]