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Google Provides New AI Tool to Assist Maximize Video Advert Efficiency

Google’s added a new AI tool to help optimize your video ad performance. Called “Creative Guidance”, the new option, built into the Google Ads platform, will assess your videos, and provide feedback on how to improve performance, based on Google’s best practices and requirements. As explained by Google: “To help customers better optimize their ads, […]

Instagram Provides New Remark Reply Choice, Checks Star Signal-Associated Stickers

Instagram’s adding a new way to interact with post replies, while it’s also experimenting with an interactive star-sign based sticker, in order to facilitate more engagement. First off, after experimenting with the feature over the last few months, Instagram has now officially added the capacity to share comments from any public post or Reel to […]

Google Provides Comma-Separated ValuesComma-Separated Values (.csv) (CSV) Information To Listing Of File Varieties Indexable By Google

Google has updated the help document for file types indexable by Google to include Comma-Separated Values (.csv) in the list. I doubt Google was not bale to index those files before, and I wonder if this was just a documentation change but not a change in what Google was able to index? The help document […]

Google Search Generative Experience Provides Definition Overlay Hyperlinks

Google has added those definition-based contextual links to some of the words placed in the Search Generative Experience answers and results. This is very similar to the featured snippet injected definition links but in this case, you can trigger a conversation in SGE when you ask for more details. Google said that they “will soon […]

Instagram Adds New Music Choices, Including Soundtracks for Collaborative Posts

Music on static posts or profiles feels very MySpace, but maybe there’s a place for it, and maybe, making people listen to some Jack Jones track over your holiday snaps will improve the viewing experience. Instagram seems to think so, as it’s adding another music element, with users now able to add a song that […]

Google Advertisements Provides New Advertisements & Reporting Insights For Holidays

Google announced several new features for the upcoming holiday season; yea, it is coming… These features include Customer Acquisition with High Value optimization, local ad changes, new product reporting, and more visibility for your Google shipping ads. (1) Customer Acquisition with High Value optimization: For those using online sales goals for Performance Max campaigns, advertisers […]

X Expands Community Notes Program, Provides ‘Top Writer’ Badge for Extremely Rated Contributors

The X team continues to expand the availability of its Community Notes feature, with users in 18 more regions now able to apply to be part of the volunteer moderation program. With yesterday’s admission of 18 new countries, we now have Community Notes contributors in 44 countries around the world. This includes the whole ???????? […]

Google Business Profile Dashboard Provides Purple Dots To Unread Gadgets

Google has added red dots to the unread reviews, messages and other items on your Google Business Profile web search dashboard. If Google thinks you have not seen a new review, it will mark the reviews icon with a red dot until you click on it and read the unread item. Then the next time […]

Google Business Profiles Provides Extra Notification Settings

Google Business Profiles seems to have added more options to when you should be notified from the platform. The list includes 13 different notification categories you can turn on or off under the notifications menu for your Google Business Profile. Claudia Tomina spotted this and notified me of it on Twitter. Here are the categories […]

Google Search Provides Digital Try On Fashions

Google announced it is rolling out a feature to try on clothing and products on models virtually. This virtual try-on uses generative AI to show you clothes on a wide selection of real models, Google said. Google is also releasing new filters for apparel results. The virtual try-on is pretty cool, Google said its AI […]