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Google Search Translation Provides Search For This On Google

In Google Search you can trigger the Google Translation widget. But now, Google is testing a G icon to let you “search for this on Google” from that translate widget in Google Search. I mean, you are already searching for it in Google Search but for the translation. Google is saying, now let me search […]

Google Maps App For Android Provides Business Profile Tab

The Google Maps app for Android seems to add a new tab to manage your business profile(s). The tab shows a store icon with the word “Business” below it. Clicking it, lets you manage your Google Business Profile listing directly in the app. Now, you can manage your business profile in the Google Maps app […]

Google Ads Adds Brand Exclusions, Page Feeds, Video Creation & Extra Reporting To Performance Max

Google Ads announced Four new features coming soon to Performance Max, including campaign-level brand exclusions, page feeds, video creation tools, more experiments, and more reporting. Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liason, said on Twitter, “you likely saw account-level negative keywords started rolling out next month for brand suitability & other purposes.” Here is what is […]

Google Provides Bulk Knowledge Export From Search Console to Google BigQuery

google has just added a new feature to export your data in bulk, on an ongoing basis, from Google Search Console to Google’s BigQuery. Daniel Waisberg from Google said on Twitter“I have been dreaming about this for a long time, so excited to see it live.” You can initiate a daily export of all your […]

Google On AI Content material Provides Who, How, and Why With Content material

Google’s Danny Sullivan reiterated that when it comes to AI content, Google is fine with it, as long as the content is useful and written for people. If you are using AI to write spam, then that is against Google’s guidelines. But Google also added a new section to the people-first content section on “who, […]

Google Search Console Video Indexing Report Provides Impressions & Sitemap Filters

Google has updated the video indexing report within Google Search Console to add impression data and a way to filter the report by your available sitemaps. As a reminder, the video indexing report went fully live in August 2022 after Google started to slowly roll out the video index report within Google Search Console earlier […]

Google Provides If-Modified-Since Part To Crawl Finances Assist Doc

Google has added a new section to the crawl budget management help document. The new section is for the If-Modified-Since request header. The section is titled “Specify content changes with HTTP status codes.” Google wrote“Google generally supports the If-Modified-Since and If-None-Match HTTP request headers for crawling. Google’s crawlers don’t send the headers with all crawl […]

Instagram Finally Adds The One Feature Everybody’s Requesting

Instagram Finally Adds The One Feature Everyone’s Requesting by Adam | December 20, 2022 Comments quickly flood in when an Instagram account announces new features. Unfortunately, it’s not generally praised for the latest update, but rather request after request from frustrated users who have been locked out of their own profiles thanks to hackers. We […]

Twitter Provides New Inventory Pricing Information to Cashtag Searches

Amongst all the various happenings at Twitter, what with the rollout of Twitter Bluethe confusion around checkmarksthe rule changesand retractions – amid all of that, this seems like an odd update. Yes, now, when you see a cashtag in the app (like, say, $META), you’ll be able to get a pricing graph for that stock […]

Google Provides Top Products To Business Profiles Efficiency Reviews

Google seems to be rolling out a new “top products” report on the performance reports within Google Business Profiles. As you know, businesses can add products in numerous ways to their Google Business Profile local listing, and here is a new report to track the performance of those products in local search. This was spotted […]