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How It Works and The Top Advantages

For any e-commerce business, securing new customers and closing orders is their number one priority.  Coming in a close second (but going hand in hand with the first place spot) is e-commerce automation. Every day, e-commerce retailers across the globe are performing hundreds, even thousands of small tasks behind the scenes in order to delight […]

When Loss Aversion Works (& When It Does not)

“Limited-time offer!” “Everything must go!” “This opportunity disappears at midnight!” “Don’t miss out! Act now!” Marketing like this is everywhere. But should everyone be doing this kind of marketing? Loss aversion is a principle from psychology that’s captured the imagination of marketers. Still… in the transition from intense psychology research to selling products, marketers have […]

Bing Chat Now Works On Chrome, Firefox and Different Browsers

This morning Bing Chat started to work across non-Edge browsers. That means, if you are logged into Bing, you can use Bing Chat on Chrome and Firefox and likely other browsers. We knew this was coming soon and it seems to have started to roll out Friday morning at around 5am ET. Try it in […]

How the YouTube Algorithm Works (And What You Must Know)

YouTube is a staple in the global cultural landscape – parents use it to keep their kids occupied, students use it to learn, and millions use it for entertainment, information, and everything in between. But one thing that is often a mystery is discovery – how do people get the content they do? Why does […]

Instagram CEO Feedback On How The Platform’s Feed, Reels and Stories Algorithm Works

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri published on the social network’s blog and in a Video on his personal account, updates and an overview of how algorithms work on Instagram, which can help us better understand how to optimize the results and reach of content in the app’s feed, and also in Stories and Reels. Mosseri shared […]

How an eBook Works as a Marketing Conversion Tool

When visitors land on your site, they get all the value that you’ve offered; reliable information, engaging content, an attractive customer interface, and a way to contact you in case they want more information. A website is how you communicate your value proposition to your customers. But isn’t communication a two-way street? What are you […]

How Meta’s New One-Approach Chat Works

Sometimes, progress can boomerang. Gen Z is bringing back bootleg jeans and “vintage” butterfly hair clips (please don’t let low-rise jeans come back). SNES emulators were a hit thirty years after the initial launch. And now, Meta has brought back a traditional one-way radio style of advertising in the form of broadcast channels. In this […]

How to Create a Social Media Content Advertising Technique (That Works)

Your social media content marketing strategy outlines how you’ll use social networking to create and distribute content—but that’s not the end goal. See, most content creators and social media managers get lost in the process. And that leads to subpar content performance and missed business opportunities. In the end, you don’t want more contents. You […]

Bing Chat Image Creator Now Works In Creative Mode

A few days ago, I reported that Bing Chat has now integrated the Bing Image Creator tool. But the truth is, it was not integrated, not until at least after 4:30 pm ET yesterday, March 23rd. It now works in Bing Chat under “Creative” mode. I have been trying it every few hours since it […]

How To Write a Call to Action That Works [Tips + 6 Examples]

You know how they say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed? If you want someone to do something, you gotta ask for it. Writing a killer call to action (CTA) is one strategy to get what you want. Whether you’re trying to get people to buy your products, sign up for your emails, or join […]