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Google Checks New Format For website positioning Workplace Hours

Historically, I mean for over a decade, John Mueller was the single person answering questions from SEOs on the Google SEO office hours segment. Recently John announced changes to the format and it seems like once again, John is making changes to the format. The format is still not live and it seems to still […]

Meta Assessments New Choice to Create Avatar-Aligned Cowl Photos for Your Facebook Profile

Avatars are the new ‘fetch’, with Meta trying many ways to show you just how cool avatars are, and will be in the metaverse future – and how you really should be using them right now as an extension of your digital identity. Meta’s latest avatar experiment is new graphic cover images for your Facebook […]

Microsoft Bing Checks Video Playlist In Web Search Interface

Microsoft Bing Video search results has had a playlist feature since at least 2020. But now it seems Microsoft is testing displaying the playlist icon in the Bing web search results, not just the video results. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted the following screenshots on Twitter showing the playlist icon showing in the Bing […]

Instagram Exams Making Each Video Content material a Reel

Yes, that’s exactly what you read! Meta confirmed to Gizmodo that they are testing out a version where all video content is posted as a reel. This, among other implications, means eliminating the possibility of sharing a video only with your followers. Instagram explains that the change is part of its efforts to “simplify and […]

Twitter Assessments New Bitmoji Integration to Show Your Digital Character as Your Twitter Profile Picture

This is interesting – Twitter is experimenting with a new integration that would enable users to display their Bitmoji character as their Twitter profile imageproviding another way to use your digital avatar as a representation of yourself. As you can see in this image, posted by app researcher Alessandro PaluzziTwitter’s testing out a new Bitmoji […]

Meta Exams New Avatar Reactions in Instagram Stories

A key element of Meta’s metaverse push is the use of digital avatars in more ways, as it looks to turn these virtual representations into more habitual interaction tools, in all aspects. The main platform in this regard is VR, with users interacting via their cartoonish proxies within wholly immersive spaces. But Meta also wants […]

Instagram Checks New ‘Following’ Tab Format with Customers in India

Oh wow, Instagram Reels is trying to be even more like TikTok you say? What a surprise. Instagram’s currently tweaking the design of the main reels screen in the appwith users in India now seeing a new ‘Following’ tab alongside the main Reels feed. As you can see in this example, posted by app researcher […]

Twitter Assessments New Choice to Start a Space A few Chosen Tweet

I still don’t know about Twitter Spaces. Sure, it’s got its own tab in the app, and definitely there are some interesting use cases for live audio. But I’m not sure that Twitter has really tapped into them as yet – or at least, I’m not seeing enough active, engaging spaces come up in my […]