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Microsoft Bing Copilot Pro Coming To iOS & Android Soon

Microsoft will soon bring Copilot Pro, the premium $20 per month version of its AI search features, to the Copilot iOS and Android app. Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin said the app updates are being processed within the respective app store submission process. Microsoft did release the Copilot app some time ago but when Microsoft announced Copilot […]

Microsoft Bing Checks Trending Labels In Visually Explore Box

Microsoft Bing is testing showing a “trending” label in the visually explore box within its search results. This may show up on some visually explore search boxes if Bing thinks the topic is trending. This feature was spotted by Khushal Bherwani on X and then Shameem Adhikarath on X a day later. Here are some […]

Bing Chat / Microsoft Copilot Balanced Mode Used 70% Of The Time With Creative & Precise Mode At 15% Every

Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft shared how often the different modes in Microsoft Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat, are used. There is Balanced mode, creative mode and precise mode. Balanced mode gets 60-70% of the usages, whereas the other two modes get about 15% each. Mikhail wrote on X, “Balanced is the most popular, maybe […]

Microsoft Bing Arduous To See Ad Label In Picture Search

We covered a number of the tests Microsoft Bing Search has been trying around its ad labels, mostly around it making the ad label harder and harder to tell if it is an ad or not. Now, in Bing’s image search, Bing is doing the same. Here is a screenshot from Frank Sandtmann as he […]

Microsoft Bing Search Testing Filters Inside Product Overlays

I do suspect it is used for evaluations for sure. I suspect in some ways it is used in RankBrain, just not as many people think it is. I also suspect everything could have changed or can change in the future. Microsoft may be testing shopping search filters in the product overlay within the search […]

Microsoft Says It Is Enhancing The Bing Picture Creator Moderation System

Microsoft Bing image creator through the image creator tool or Bing Chat can make images for you using AI. But recently, it has come under fire around its moderation system for those images being a bit too strict and having too many false positives. Mikhail Parakhin from Microsoft said on X, “received some reports, looking […]

Microsoft Advertising To Add Copilot To Create Ads & New Compare & Decide Bing Chat Ads

At the Microsoft AI event last Thursday, Microsoft also announced new AI-based ad features in the upcoming months. This includes Copilot, which will help you create ads in Microsoft Advertising, and a new ad format exclusive to the Bing Chat interface named compare and decide ads. As a reminder, Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President […]

Microsoft Says Bing Chat Clicks On Adverts 1.8X Greater

At the Microsoft AI event on last Thursday, I had a sit down with Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising, who told me that clicks on ads within Bing Chat are higher than clicks on ads in traditional search. 1.8X higher to be exact and with shopping ads, specifically in Bing Chat, […]

Microsoft Bing Search Snippets With Video Thumbnails

Bing Search is showing playable video thumbnails in its search results snippets. When you hover your cursor over the video, it should preview the video but it doesn’t always do that. I spotted this via Shameem Adhikarath on X but I can replicate this as well. Here is what the snippet looks like, notice the […]

What Is Microsoft SNDS? | Twilio SendGrid

We all know how challenging it can be to determine the root cause of poor deliverability with a given inbox provider. However, Microsoft is different, providing powerful insights through its Smart Network Data Services (SNDS). Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Microsoft SNDS, including what it is, why you need it, […]