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Microsoft Advertising Performance Max Globally Out there

Microsoft announced that Performance Max campaigns are available globally on Microsoft Advertising today, March 5th. So now any advertiser can start using PMax campaigns. Performance Max campaigns are designed to find and convert more customers across the entire network. We do this in real-time by pairing the right creative assets with the right targeting parameters […]

Twitter Makes ‘Community Notes’ Seen to All Customers Globally

Another key element of Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter 2.0’ reformation plan is now in place, with Twitter opening up its Community Notes tweet context indicators to all users globally. Well, sort of – as of today, all Twitter users can view Community Notes attached to tweets, but only US-based users can create them, though Twitter says […]

Google My Ad Center Rolling Out Globally

Google My Ad Center is now rolling out globally to all users, giving users the ability to control the ads they see or do not see, across Google Search and Google properties. Google said you will “also be able to block sensitive ads and learn more about the information used to personalize your ad experience.” […]

Google Video On Rolling Out Search Algorithm Updates Globally

You probably all know the answer to this question, since we covered this countless times. But John Mueller of Google made a super short official Google from Google saying some search algorithm updates roll out globally and some are regional or language specific at first. Heck, we covered how the product reviews update is Still […]

Rock Content’s Social Impact Actions Introduced Training to twenty,000 Individuals Globally In 2021

We are living in an interesting moment in history. This is a context defined by a global pandemic, the search for racial justice, an increasing inequality, political instability and climate change. And it is indisputable that brands and companies around the world also play a role in social impacts — both positive and negative. Women, […]