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X Expands Audio and Video Calls to Non-Paying Customers

Look, I don’t know why this would be considered revolutionary or an advance, or even a significant step in any direction really. But for some reason, Elon Musk and his team believe that facilitating audio and video calls in X is a really big deal. And now, it’s expanding its audio and video calling features […]

Google Search Desires What Your Website Customers Need

Google’s Danny Sullivan said it again, when it comes to what you do on your website, Google Search wants what your users want. Do what is best for your users, and Google will be happy. If you just think about what to do to make Google happy, it might result in your users not being […]

Snapchat Provides Extra Customers, Posts Decrease Than Anticipated Income in This fall

It’s another mixed bag for Snap Inc. in its latest performance update, with the platform adding more users, though not in its most lucrative markets, while revenue also increased, though not at the levels expected. Thus is the theme of Snap’s performance, a yin-yang of strengths that are also weaknesses, in virtually every element. First […]

Threads Rises to 130M Customers, Seeing Regular Progress

Threads is growing, and engagement within Meta’s Twitter clone is on the rise, according to the latest insight shared by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg as part of the company’s Q4 2023 earnings announcement. Zuckerberg said that Threads now has 130 million monthly active users, and is growing steadily. As per Zuckerberg: “Threads now has more […]

Instagram Allows Users To Create Customized Sticker From Nonetheless Picture Posts

Instagram’s added a new option that enables you to cut out elements of still image posts, which you can then re-use as stickers in your own Stories and Reels. As you can see in this example flow, Instagram’s new “Create a cutout sticker” is available within the three dots menu display on any publicly posted […]

Threads Appears to be like Set to be Made Accessible to European Customers Subsequent Week

Good news with EU social media fans, with Threads looking set for a December 14th launch in the region, just in time to capitalize on holiday engagement. As reported by The Verge, EU Instagram users can now access a countdown timer at www.threads.net, which seemingly indicates the exact time for the upcoming EU launch. Meta […]

Instagram Will Now Allow All Customers to Download Publicly Posted Reels Clips

Get ready to see more Instagram logos showing up in TikTok clips. Instagram has today announced that all users can now download publicly posted Reels in the app, after initially rolling out the option to U.S. users back in June. As you can see in these example screens, you’ll now see a new “Download” option […]

TikTok Reports Customers by Area within the EU as A part of New DSA Reporting Necessities

This is interesting. Under the E.U.’s new Digital Services Act (DSA) regulations, large online platforms, including the biggest social apps, now need to provide regular updates on their active users in the E.U. region, along with various other key transparency updates. Which TikTok reported this week, providing new insights into how many people are using […]

Zuckerberg Says That Threads is Now Closing in on 100 Million Customers

Well, this is something. In today’s Q3 earnings call, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a quick note about the growth of Threads thus far, and what he sees as the potential for the Twitter-like app. Here’s Zuckerberg’s full summary: “I want to give a quick update on Threads. We’re three months in now, and I’m […]

Might Gaza Conflict Flip X/Twitter Users To Meta’s Threads?

Meta’s Threads app has struggled to gain market share from its larger rival, X, despite a promising launch that quickly garnered 100 million signups. But, how the platforms combat misinformation about the conflict between Israel and Hamas could become a tipping point in boosting Threads’s traction. Twitter has a chance to benefit Threads Getty Images […]