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ActiveCampaign Expands with New Hub in Krakow, Poland

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter in ActiveCampaign’s journey – the future opening of a technology and product-focused hub in Krakow, Poland! This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower businesses worldwide with intelligent marketing automation. Why Krakow? We’ve been diligently searching for the perfect location to expand […]

X Expands Audio and Video Calls to Non-Paying Customers

Look, I don’t know why this would be considered revolutionary or an advance, or even a significant step in any direction really. But for some reason, Elon Musk and his team believe that facilitating audio and video calls in X is a really big deal. And now, it’s expanding its audio and video calling features […]

X Expands Partnership with IAS on Vertical Video Ad Placement

Given the various misleading data points that X’s team has communicated since Elon Musk took ownership of the app, which are seemingly designed to give the impression that the platform is performing better than it actually is, it’s hard to trust the numbers that they do share, because we don’t have any way of verifying […]

Google Testing Search Snippet Overlay That Expands With Website Preview

Google may be testing a new search result snippet interface that overlays more details about that search snippet. It is like a preview feature when you hover over the search result. Bing has been doing this with their search result previews for some time now. And Google has had this for image search result previews. […]

Meta Expands Fact Checking Program to Include Threads Content material

With the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election looming, and various other pending polls around the world, Meta is expanding its fact-checking program to cover Threads content as well, as it continues to see more usage in its Twitter-clone app. As per Meta: “Early next year, our third-party fact-checking partners will be able to review and rate […]

Google Expands Video Tips Change To Video Mode Outcomes

Google is now requiring that the video be the main or primary content on the page for it to show your video in video mode, not just as video thumbnails in the search results like it did back in April. Google announced, “we’re extending this change to search results in Video mode.” As a reminder, […]

Google Search Generative Experience Expands To More Countries & Provides New Options

Google announced it has expanded the Search Generative Experience beta to 120 or so countries and territories and four new languages. Google also added new follow-up questions, AI-powered translation help and more interactive definitions in AI-powered overviews. 120 Countries & 4 New Languages Google expanded SGE to 120 countries and territories, so now it works […]

Google Expands People Also Ask Speaker & List Icon Testing

Google is expanding its testing the people also ask speaker and list icons. A nice number of people noticed these icons showing up in the Google search results within the people also ask section over the weekend. It does not seem to be rolled out yet, as I do not see it yet. This test […]

Google Ads Expands AI Tools

Google announced that it is expanding its AI-powered tools for Google Ads, its search ads platform. The AI-powered conversational tools to create ads is going into a true expanded beta test and Google also said automatically created assets will start using generative AI. This is coming in the near future, in the coming months, Google […]

LinkedIn Expands Engagement Alerts to Higher Personalize Consumer Feeds

Have you noticed a change in your LinkedIn engagement of late? Maybe you’re seeing more posts from the same people repeatedly, or you’re getting fewer notifications? There’s a reason for that. As outlined by LinkedIn expert Richard van der Blom, LinkedIn’s been tweaking its algorithm and notifications of late, which has significantly altered some aspects […]