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Google Expands the Check Pool for its New Generative AI Components in Search

Google’s making its new generative AI tools available to more users, with the expansion of its Search Labs early access program, which enables people to try out its AI elements within Search – and also highlights some interesting use cases for product discovery in the app. Google had initially resisted jumping into the generative AI […]

ActiveCampaign expands footprint in Germany with strategic partnership with Deutsche Post and Automation People

Businesses of all sizes can now use print mailing automation to expand their sales and loyalty tools ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing and CRM, is enabling growing businesses to send letters and postcards automatically and in a highly customized manner through its new integration with Deutsche Post. This fully automated process saves […]

Meta Expands ‘Meta Verified’ Verification Subscription Program to Customers within the UK

Despite implementing some changes to its original plan for Meta Verifiedits subscription program that enables users to purchase a blue checkmark on Facebook and Instagram, Meta is expanding availability of the scheme to the UK, with UK users able to apply from this week. Meta launched the initial stage of Meta Verified with users in […]

Google Data Panel That Scrolls & Expands

Did you see the scrollable and expandable features in some user experiences with the Google Search knowledge panel and answer boxes? Well, here are examples of both – I am not sure if they are new, for some reason, I don’t think they are – but I don’t think I’ve covered it before. The scrollable […]

Pinterest Expands Idea Pin Video Size to five Minutes

Pinterest is following the lead of TikTok by adding longer video clips in its Idea Pins format, providing another way to maximize engagement with your content. As you can see in this example, shared by Lindsey Gambleusers can now upload 5-minute videos as Idea Pins, which is an expansion on the 60 second limit that’s […]

Instagram Expands Gifts for Reels Creators to All Creators within the US

After initially testing the option last NovemberInstagram has today announced that all eligible Reels creators in the US will now be able to accept virtual gifts from their fans via a button on their clips. As you can see in this overview, Reels viewers will be able to purchase virtual gifts in-stream, at varying cash […]

YouTube Expands Check of Product Tagging in Uploads, Offering One other Creator Monetization Choice

With all the major platforms now looking to integrate commerce options, YouTube’s expanding its test of third-party product tagswhich enable chosen creators to tag products that are featured in their video clips, with the creator, at least at present, being paid by directly by YouTube for using these item highlights. As you can see in […]

Google Expands Scrollable Proper Panel In Search Outcomes

On April 1st we caught Google testing a scrollable right side panel for related images. Well, it seems like that test was not just for images but also for other blocks like knowledge panels, featured snippets and other image features. Both Brodie Clark and Khushal Bherwani shared examples of this on Twitter. Here is Brodie […]

Twitter Expands Entry to ‘Location Spotlight’ Module in Professional Accounts

Good news for brands on Twitter – now, all businesses in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia can add a new ‘Location Spotlight’ module on their business accountwhich includes location info, business hours, and additional contact methods. As you can see in this example on the Twitter for Business page, the Spotlight module includes […]

Google Product Critiques Volatility, Native Search Rating Replace, New Search Options, MUM & BERT Expands and Search Console News

This was a busy week and I drove out to visit Greg Finn and friends in Buffalo, I helped co-host the Marketing O’Clock show and record some vlogs for the channel – so check out Marketing O’Clock on YouTube and your favorite podcast player. We are finally seeing ranking volatility in the search results related […]