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Maximize your attain and conversion with ActiveCampaign and Google Ads

As a business owner or a sales and marketing leader, your role encompasses managing the buyer journey and steering the company towards success. It’s essential to leverage every interaction and touchpoint across various channels, whether it’s to expand brand awareness, engage with new leads, or retain your existing customer base.  However, having a substantial social […]

ActiveCampaign Acquires Onesend—The Better of All Instruments in One Platform for Franchise, Multi-location Manufacturers, and Resellers

Creating 1:1 experiences is one thing when you’re a small business with a few customers. It becomes more challenging as you scale your customer count. It becomes nearly impossible when you open multiple locations. Until today. I am proud to announce that ActiveCampaign has acquired Onesend, a suite of tools empowering franchise, multi-location brands, and […]

Audiences Are (Nonetheless) Property – ActiveCampaign jrohrs September 28, 2023

How relevant is a book written ten years ago to a digital marketer today?  A couple of weeks ago, I posed that very question on LinkedIn when I realized that my book, AUDIENCE: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers, was approaching nearly a decade in print. Over the course of this blog […]

The 10 Most Frequent Errors In ActiveCampaign Accounts

A Guest Post by Nontas Karavias, founder of IAmNontas.com Let’s face it, folks. If you are running an ActiveCampaign account, it’s probably not operating at 100% efficiency. I’d say not even at 60%.  I don’t like that… As an ActiveCampaign consultant who’s worked with over 250 accounts, I’ve seen some stuff. So today, I’m here to […]

Scarcity & Deadlines in Evergreen Funnels and ActiveCampaign Automations

Welcome to the dynamic world of digital marketing. It’s no secret that scarcity marketing has a strong impact, as marketer Neil Patel simply puts it, it “works because it creates a fear of missing out.” Using tactics like scarcity and authentic deadlines can be a game-changer. These strategies alone, according to a study by HubSpot, […]

ActiveCampaign Has Robust G2 Evaluations

Last month, our SVP of Product, Kelly O’Connell, spoke at the inaugural US SaaStock event. She joined hundreds of SaaS professionals focused on growth by providing the best software on the market in their respective categories, which she shared with us was extremely inspiring. At the conference, Kelly offered her advice on how to successfully […]

Get More Sales with ActiveCampaign: The Magic of Automated Follow-Ups

This post was contributed by Kevin Brkal from KNB Online, to an ActiveCampaign client who wants to share their experience with our audience. Thank you Kevin for your contribution! When you’re running a business, finding tools to make your job easier is like finding a key to a treasure chest. However, one such tool is […]

Unleash the ability of ActiveCampaign AI for Marketing

AI is widely seen as the most groundbreaking technology shift we’ve seen lately. It has the potential to transform marketing, enabling the creation of content at scale, reducing labor and time, and unlocking new possibilities for innovation and creativity. We’re excited to announce the launch of Active Campaign AI, now available to customers on our […]

ActiveCampaign expands footprint in Germany with strategic partnership with Deutsche Post and Automation People

Businesses of all sizes can now use print mailing automation to expand their sales and loyalty tools ActiveCampaign, the leader in marketing automation, email marketing and CRM, is enabling growing businesses to send letters and postcards automatically and in a highly customized manner through its new integration with Deutsche Post. This fully automated process saves […]

ActiveCampaign Publicizes Inaugural Customer Advisory Board

One of our core values ​​at ActiveCampaign is “make the customer a hero.” In our Product org, we live this value by engaging with our customers, listening to their feedback, and building products and tools that will best serve their growth. This year, we’re excited to introduce ActiveCampaign’s inaugural Customer Advisory Board. As we continue […]