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Automate Document Workflows with PandaDoc and ActiveCampaign

If you’re still relying on legacy, static PDFs, Word documents, or file-based document management, it probably takes you anywhere from a few hours to a few days to send a contract to a client for signature. What if you could completely automate the client signature process and get documents out for signing in a matter […]

Landing THE Internship – My Summer with ActiveCampaign

Landing that sweet, elusive internship while they’re on break from classes can be one of the most stressful tasks college students impose upon themselves every summer. Why are they frantically updating their resumes on Canva and Googling, “What keywords to have on a marketing resume?” They know that landing that summer internship with their dream […]

Cultivating Inclusion & Belonging for the Veterans at ActiveCampaign

Anthony Papini, our Director of DEI, sat down with newly formed Veterans of AC co-chairs to talk about the importance of this community and how it fosters a sense of belonging within our military community. Security Manager Chris Ganz served as a Sergeant in the Marine Corp from 2006-2013. Jyn Kim was enlisted in the […]

Championing Women’s Equality at ActiveCampaign

Today, August 26th, the US celebrates Women’s Equality Day. It acknowledges the passing of the 19th amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote*. Since 1920, Women’s Equality Day has evolved to acknowledge the unique struggles that women—particularly women of color—still face today. From wage inequality, access to equal job opportunities, and economic inequality, Women’s Equality […]

Create a Steal-Worthy Confirmation Email Template with ActiveCampaign

Confirmation emails rarely receive the attention they deserve. Often, they’re too wordy, too dry, too hard to read, or too uninformative. Naturally, customers get used to bland and useless confirmation emails, so they don’t open them. Marketers, in turn, give up and don’t even try to make them more appealing. It’s time to break this […]

ActiveCampaign Email Designer Helps Build Responsive Emails With Ease

Whether your business is a seasoned, 500 employee organization, or a one-person show, email marketing is highly valuable. It’s also flexible and adaptable as your audience, methods, and business grows, and does a great job to get your message across to everyone in your audience. We believe in email so much, we decided to invest […]

Use Hi thereSign With ActiveCampaign for an Straightforward-to-Use and Quick Technique to Get Your Paperwork Signed On-line.

Imagine this – you’ve just received the green light from a potential customer to move forward with the contract. Congratulations! But wait… any seasoned sales person will tell you the job is far from over at this point. Now is the time to ensure the remainder of the sales process is as painless as possible […]

ActiveCampaign Cell App: Make memorable buyer experiences on the go

What if you could manage your campaigns from your phone? Sometimes you’re not at your desk. And you don’t always want to fire up your computer just to check the performance of your last email. With the ActiveCampaign mobile app, you can work when (and where) you want, so you never miss anything important. You […]

Bring in much more information to ActiveCampaign with these new Zapier Actions and Triggers. 

Zapier lets you connect ActiveCampaign with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. Our connection makes it so you never have to import or export contact information again. Connections — called Zaps — are set up with no coding skills […]

Create a Highly effective Buyer Journey Story With CallRail and ActiveCampaign

This post was contributed by the team over at CallRail. For too long, marketing was a necessary but ambiguous expense for businesses. The main justification for marketing was that “every company needs it.” However, call tracking now makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to turn more leads into better customers. Serving more than […]