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Google Says Rich Outcomes Guide Actions Can Lead To Removing Of Rich Outcomes & Broader Spam Penalties

Google’s Danny Sullivan said that not only can a rich result manual action result in the removal of your rich results from displaying in Google Search but also it can lead to a wider “broader spam manual action that involves ranking.” Just for some history in 2015 John Mueller of Google said a rich results […]

Microsoft Bing Testing AI Chat Feature At Prime Of Search Outcomes

Microsoft is testing the AI ​​chat bot feature at the top of the Bing Search results. We have seen the let’s chat feature from Bing for a while now but not at the top, featured snippet area. Khushal Bherwani spotted this and posted a video of it in action – with some calming music in […]

Analysis Exhibits Data Inefficiencies Are Holding Again Marketing Outcomes. The Solution: Optimization

Is your marketing organization getting the data it needs? In this article, we will discuss the findings of a recent study by Treasure Data and try to answer why data optimization is so important (and why too much information can be harmful) and how you can start collecting the best type of data today. The […]

Survey Indicates Customers Are Not Happy With Google Outcomes. How Does It Have an effect on website positioning Efforts?

A new survey by SEMRush indicated that most users who search on Google are not satisfied with the search results, needing to refine their queries more to find what they are really looking for. The research noted that: “…Many users are not satisfied with the results of the first SERP and need to refine their […]

Google Testing New Website Title & Favicon On Desktop Outcomes

Google is already testing the new site name and favicon design change they launched just a couple of weeks ago on the desktop results. This brings the favicon and site name to the desktop search results as Google did for the mobile search results. Here is what this looks like on Google’s desktop search results: […]

Latest Information Reveals Interactive Content Can Boost Your Outcomes [+ Free Course]

Have you ever wondered how the marketing world has evolved over time? From banners and other sources of offline marketing, to radio and TV insertions, phone calls and text messages, and then the internet with Digital Marketing. Digital marketing brings new ways to consume and create content. Blogs brought new ways to write texts and […]

Google Working On Resolving Favicons Not Exhibiting In Search Outcomes

Google’s John Mueller confirmed that Google Search is working on an issue with some favicons not showing up properly in Google Search. The issue has been ongoing for weeks (around September 18th), well before the new site name and favicon release was announced, by the way. John called this a “niche” issue, implying it is […]

Google Broadcasts Modifications to Cellular Search Results. What’s The Influence On website positioning?

Google has just announced some changes to the way search results appear on mobile devices. But calm down, these are small changes and they don’t seem to impact SEO strategies much! On the other hand, the goal is to bring more Clarity about the context of searches in the toolfurther improving the user experience. Next, […]

Results, Results Worth & Conversion Targets

Google Ads announced three new reporting columns including results, results value and conversion goals columns. Google said These columns are available on the Campaigns page for tables and charts, as well as in custom reporting pages like the Report Editor or Custom dashboards and at the manager account level. (1) Results column: The results column […]

How The Execs Get Leads to 2022

Why use Facebook Messenger ads? These days, more people are using private messaging on social media than ever before. And since Facebook combined its messaging backend with Instagram, Messenger ads have never been more relevant. Facebook Messenger has 1 billion active users – the same as TikTok. Messenger is an ultra-personal way to connect directly […]