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15 Spectacular Popup Designs That Carry Outcomes

Popups are controversial. On the one hand, they help business owners and marketers advertise, build email lists, and drive leads to take specific actions.   On the other hand, website visitors tend to hate them so much that the inventor of the popup, Ethan Zuckerman, apologized for creating them.   Popups interrupt the user experience and can […]

Google Would not Shuffle Search Outcomes After They Are Loaded

Google’s John Mueller said if you see the Google search results being shuffled around after they are loaded, then it is not Google Search doing that. Google does not “shuffle the search results after they’re loaded,” he said on Twitter. I’ve seen some browser extensions, malware, and other hacks do that to the search results […]

Google Nonetheless Working On Getting Date Timestamps Correct In Search Outcomes

Google is still working on getting the timestamps accurate in the search results and news search results. Several publishers, including the Director of SEO at USA Today and the SEO Editor for Wall Street Journal, complained about the inaccurate timestamps in Google Search the other day. In which, Danny Sullivan from Google replied that he […]

5 Steps for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Drives Business Outcomes

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. “Never ask for anything, and especially from those who are stronger than you. They’ll make the offer themselves, and give it of their own accord” — that’s one popular quote from Mikhail Bulgakov’s book, The Master and Margarita. Even though Bulgakov didn’t mean that in the context […]

Are The SERPs Biased? How Widespread Stereotypes Have an effect on Outcomes (And Marketing Efforts)

We love Google. And, as a marketer and tech-savvy professional, I can’t live without asking Google everything that crosses my mind. I know, the internet is not always the best source of information — but it’s so fast and easy that it is almost impossible not to use it. The problem is when we get […]

Google Search No Outcomes Discovered Fishing Sport Goes Lacking

A year ago, last November, Google started to show this GIF of a fishing bot of some sort when Google returned no results. Well, sometime in the past weeks or so, Google stopped showing this fishing man. Here is what it looked like: Here is what I see today: Yep, no fishing man. I am […]

Google Beta Outcomes About You

Google is testing a new my account section named “results about you.” This is part of the feature where Google Search allows you to remove information about yourself from Search and other places in Google. This was spotted first by 9to5Google who said this is rolling out to some users within the Android Google Search […]

Do Google One Field Outcomes Get Particular Monitoring Parameters With Integrations

Have you ever noticed that some Google one boxes, like the Twitter carousel, in Google Search, have special tracking parameters added to the URLs when you click on them. Carolyn Lyden asked John Mueller of Google why is this the case. She shared this screenshot showing the parameters added to the end of the URL, […]

Google With Two Individuals Additionally Ask Outcomes In Completely different Languages

Google seems to be testing or launching, showing dual people also ask boxes in the Google Search results. One people also ask box is in English and, in this case, the other is in Hindi. This was spotted by Chanda Verma on Twitter who posted this screenshot showing it in action (click to enlarge it): […]

LinkedIn is Improving Search Outcomes. How to Make Your Content Shine For Your Viewers?

There are more than 830 million members on LinkedIn. They are not only looking for a new job, but they are looking for truly useful information while building their network. That’s why the engineering team at LinkedIn is making changes to improve the search experience. Improving search results seems to be becoming a priority for […]