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X Expands Audio and Video Calls to Non-Paying Customers

Look, I don’t know why this would be considered revolutionary or an advance, or even a significant step in any direction really. But for some reason, Elon Musk and his team believe that facilitating audio and video calls in X is a really big deal. And now, it’s expanding its audio and video calling features […]

X Launches Audio and Video Calls on Andoid

So, X has now added audio and video calls for Android users, a feature that it rolled out on iOS back in October. audio and video calls on X slowly rolling out for android users today! update your app and call your mother — Enrique ???? (@enriquebrgn) January 18, 2024 So now, if you want, […]

WhatsApp Calls on the UK Government to Amend Proposed Bill that Would ‘Break End-to-End Encryption’

Whatsapp has launched a last ditch effort to get the UK Government to amend its proposed Online Safety Bill, with an open letter in which it explains that the proposed Bill would effectively ban messaging encryption, and could force Meta to restrict its offerings in the region. the Online Safety Bill is designed to provide […]

The FTC Calls on Social Platforms to Define Their Processes to Shield Customers from Scam Promotions

Scam ads could be set to come under more scrutiny, with the FTC today issuing new orders to Meta, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Twitch seeking information as to how they detect and restrict paid commercial advertising that’s deceptive or exposes consumers to fraudulent products or scams. The orders specifically relate to fraudulent healthcare […]

Billionaire Investor Ron Baron Remains Bullish On Tesla But Calls Musk’s Twitter Stake ‘Meaningless’

Billionaire Investor Ron Baron Remains Bullish On Tesla But Calls Musk’s Twitter Stake ‘Meaningless’ The topline Billionaire investor Ron Baron, one of Tesla’s largest shareholders, told CNBC in an interview Thursday that Elon Musk’s roughly $3 billion stake in Twitter is “meaningless” and that investors should be more excited about what he predicts are massive […]

Pepsi And Walmart Every Going through Calls For Boycotts On Twitter – Do Social Media Boycotts Really Matter?

Twitter trends Tuesday morning were the hashtags #BoycottPepsi and #BoycottWalmart getty The hashtags #BoycottPepsi and #BoycottWalmart were trending on Twitter Tuesday morning — and for very different reasons. Calls to boycott the world’s largest retailer came after Quebec announced that shoppers would have to go to their Quebec pharmacy without proof of vaccination. The soft […]

Google calls Paxton’s claims with no AMP web page throttling and others unfounded

Please read first Google slowed down the speed of non-AMP pages, created a format to make header bids more difficult, antitrust complaints History on Search Engine Land. In short, Attorney General Paxton’s allegations were that Google was throttling non-AMP pages and using various techniques to promote its own ad business and more. To be clear, […]

PN requires emphasis on area of interest tourism, together with diving

Turiżmu tan-niċċeċ Proposti tal-Partit Nazzjonalista dwar it-turiżmu, mill-Kelliem Ewlieni tal-Partit Nazzjonalista, Peter Agius, u l-kandidat Darren Carabott. Posted by Partit Nazzjonalista on Monday, September 20, 2021 The Nationalist Party is emphasising the need to properly develop niche tourism in Malta, arguing that a one-size fits all approach is no longer viable. The topic was discussed […]