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Google Expands Video Tips Change To Video Mode Outcomes

Google is now requiring that the video be the main or primary content on the page for it to show your video in video mode, not just as video thumbnails in the search results like it did back in April. Google announced, “we’re extending this change to search results in Video mode.” As a reminder, […]

Google Search Quality Raters Guidelines Up to date

Google has updated the Google search quality raters guidelines and it is now only 168 pages, down from 176 pages – so it takes less time to read. I scanned through the changes and I did not see any massive changes like with the December 15, 2022 update. Google said, “None of these involve any […]

Pointers and Samples You Can Use

No one likes being left on read. If you’re waiting for an email reply and your inbox remains empty, it’s probably time to send a follow-up email.  Here’s a five-minute primer in formatting and phrasing your follow-up email for maximum success, along with some samples you can use.  3 guidelines for effective follow-up emails Whether […]

Google Updates URL Construction Pointers With Supported Characters

Google has updated its URL structure guidelines to specify what characters Google Search supports in URLs. The introduction paragraph now leads off by saying, “Google supports URLs as defined by RFC 3986. Characters defined by the standard as reserved must be percent encoded. Unreserved ASCII characters may be left in the non-encoded form. Additionally, characters […]

Social Media Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals [Template]

Without rules and best practices, healthcare would be a lot wilder. Think witchcraft, home remedies, and your dad saying, “Don’t worry kid, we can pop it back in.” Regulations and guidelines keep us operating safely, pun intended. Social media guidelines for healthcare professionals serve a similar purpose. This blog will walk you through generally accepted […]

Microsoft Bing Updates Webmaster Tips For Conversation Mode and Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has updated the Bing webmaster guidelines to support the updates with the new co-pilot, AI, ChatGPT-powered version of Bing. Bing updated the answers section and added a new section for “conversation mode and Bing image creator.” The current Bing webmaster guidelines is here and the section Bing updates was around here – it should […]

EAT – Google Provides Experience To Revised Search Quality Raters Guidelines

The Google search quality raters guidelines were updated and updated in a big way, with a new E added on to EAT. Google is adding experience on top of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google said that trust is the most important of all four elements here. Adding an E, led to the document getting 9-pages […]

Google December 2022 Hyperlink Spam Replace, EEAT Guidelines Up to date, Visible Parts, Standing Dashboard, Content Concepts & Extra

This was a busy week, and I honestly thought it would start to slow down, but I was wrong; I’m wrong a lot. Google launched another algorithm update, the December 2022 link spam update, which it baked into SpamBrain into the update. Google also released a large update to the Search Quality Raters Guidelines, adding […]

Google Webmaster Guidelines Is Now Google Search Essentials. What Modifications To website positioning Professionals?

Would this be another Rock Content article about a Google update? Don’t worry, this time it’s not any substantial change that will impact your SEO strategy. I’m here to talk about the rebranding of Google Webmaster Guidelines to Google Search Essentials. Apparently, Google doesn’t like the term “webmaster” because it’s dated and doesn’t represent all […]

Google Search Essentials Replaces The Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google has replaced the Google Webmaster Guidelines with the Google Search Essentials. The name change is Google’s ongoing efforts to remove the term “webmaster” so that these tools and documentation do not narrow the focus to just “webmasters,” but expands it to publishers, site owners, developers, creators, and so on. Before I even started blogging […]