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Meta Publishes New Report on Evolving Consumption Shifts, and What Entrepreneurs Must Contemplate

Meta has published a new report which looks at the key consumption shifts that brands need to consider in their marketing outreach, which highlights some important notes for all businesses to factor in. The research, conducted by Meta, in partnership with Kantar and Nielsen, is focused on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, though many of […]

Google Says Meta Description Size Does Not Matter For Rating Algorithms

Google’s John Mueller said the length of your meta descriptions do not matter to the Google search ranking algorithm. He said on X, “I’m sorry to tell you, those numbers are all made up” when someone referenced specific numbers. Khushal Bherwani, who sends us a ton of tips here, posted on X saying a client […]

Does Google Use The Meta Key phrases Tag For Rankings? No It Does Not

It has been a while since I covered the keyword meta tag and for some reason the topic has come up recently, so I decided to cover it again. In short, Google Search still does not use the keyword meta tag for ranking purposes. Google does not look at the words in your keyword meta […]

Meta Offers EU Customers Extra Management Over Their Facebook And Instagram Feeds

Manan Vastsyayana/AFP Photo via Getty Images AFP via Getty Images Meta makes changes just days before deadline for users to feeds within the EU to ensure compliance with Digital Services Act. By August 25, the company must comply with the DSA. This requires that platforms classified as Very Large Online Platforms give their users the […]

Reels Creators Angered Over Meta Revenue Share Funds Error

Meta’s facing new backlash from short-form video creators after its latest payment notifications for its Music Revenue Sharing program, which enables video creators to earn a share of in-stream ad revenue from their Reels on Facebook that contain licensed music, informed them of huge pending payout amounts, in error, which Meta has since been forced […]

Meta Shares New Information to Facebook Ads Manager [Infographic]

Amid the chaos of the various platform changes and updates of the past few months, it may have been hard to focus on the key element for your business, in running ads, and maximizing your audience reach across social apps. For that, you need to know where your specific audience is most active, rather than […]

Meta Publishes Report on the Evolution of Data Privacy Guidelines

Meta has released a report on the evolution of data privacy rules in digital environments. Produced in partnership with Deloitte, the study “A Marketer’s Guide to Privacy-Enhancing Technologies” provides details on current demands and possible changes related to user privacy. In addition, it provides suggestions on how companies can prepare for the new data sharing […]

Meta Reveals New Information And Visuals of its Twitter Competitor App. Here’s The whole lot We Know So Far

This past Thursday, June 8, Meta revealed to its employees a preview of the company’s new app to compete with Twitter. The app was shown off during an all-hands meeting by Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, who called it “our answer to Twitter.” Below you can see some screenshots published by The Verge: Image: Playback/The […]

Meta Is Working On A ‘Sanely Run’ Twitter Clone

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook) delivers a speech at VivaTech, the trade fair for technology … [+]Photo by GERARD JULIEN / AFP Photos by GERARD JAULIEN / AFP AFP via Getty Images We’re living in an age when making a personal diss against someone, whether it’s in person or online, is perfectly acceptable. You might […]