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Niche Website Builders Appoint Chris McColgan as Marketing Manager

Merthyr Tydfil-based Niche Website Builders, an affiliate marketing services start-up, has announced the appointment of Chris McColgan as Marketing Manager. Chris joined the firm in June 2021 as the initial hire of their newly created marketing department. Following the departure of Tiffany Mayne, Niche Website Builders are pleased to announce Chris’ promotion into the role […]

Is your web site getting faux site visitors too?

Do you remember when you were a kid, you thought you had received an amazing gift, and it was actually a pair of socks? Well, the equivalent of that in the life of an SEO professional is opening up Google Analytics, seeing a spike in organic traffic, and actually discovering it was all a lie. […]

18 Finest Photography Web site Builders in 2022

You’ve set yourself up as a photographer, and you’re looking to bring in business.  How do you go about it? Post the photos on Facebook and Instagram? Pay money to join a directory or even sign up for a free one? Or maybe you’ve been in the photography business for a while, but you’re looking […]

Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website

Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Website With about 4.5 billion users, social media is essential to any business‘s marketing strategy. It helps boost your brand visibility, allowing you to get your business in front of many potential customers. It also allows you to build your brand’s authority online, building trust, transparency, and credibility […]

Need Your Website to Stand Out? Use Content Delivery Networks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. If you have ever considered using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your siteyou’ve probably encountered the question of their impact on organic search rankings. Some people are convinced storing a copy of your website on an external server is bad for organic search rankings, while others […]

11 Best Restaurant Website Builders in 2022

It’s ridiculously easy nowadays to build a website for your restaurant. Just a decade ago, you’d have had to spend a fortune hiring a web developer to build it for you. And if you wanted to update anything on the site, you needed to go back to the web developer and spend even more. It […]

Google Merchant Center Website Wants Enchancment Coverage Replace

Two years ago, Google made a new Google Merchant Center policy named Website needs improvement. Well, now free listings accounts with this issue status are still active, but their products have limited visibility on Google. Google posted that they have updated the Google Merchant Center Editorial & technical requirements policy and the enforcement for the […]

Niche Website Builders Named 2022 Valleys Startup Award Winner

Niche Website Builders, the Merthyr Tydfil-based Affiliate Marketing Agency, picked up the award for Valleys Startup at the StartUp Awards National Series. The award was presented at The Depot in Cardiff, at the Wales event of the StartUp Awards National Series. The agency, which enters its third year operation, has expanded rapidly over the last […]

11 Guidelines for Writing Website Copy

Want to learn how to write website copy that doesn’t suck? You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever written copy for a website, you know how exciting and nerve-wracking it can be. As a copywriter, it’s a dream to showcase all your great ideas front and center. At the same time, writing copy […]

75% Of SEOs Say Your Personal Web site Ought to Have Good search engine optimisation

Brodie Clark posted an interesting poll on Twitter asking if the SEO community agreed or not. The poll asked do you agree or disagree that “if you’re selling SEO as a service, it is important that your own website has good SEO.” The results showed that 75% agreed with this statement, while 25% disagreed. There […]