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Google Confirmed Rating Bug, Rating Volatility, High quality Raters Lower & Google Ads AI Goes Dwell

Google has confirmed that issue where sites would rank during the week and then not rank on the weekends – just wild. We had an unconfirmed Google ranking update this week after having a calm weekend. Google has dropped Appen, one of its largest sources for search quality raters. Google’s SEO starter guide is getting […]

Google Bug Sends Discover To Some Advertisers That Their Advert Accounts Were Suspended

Right before the Thanksgiving holiday season and right before the big holiday shopping season, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Google Ads sent emails to some advertisers telling them their ads are no longer running and their accounts were suspended. This was a technical issue, a bug, with the Google Ads system and Google said […]

Google Core Replace, Bug With Discover, Final Opinions Replace, Mobile-First Indexing Finished, Web Ruined, search engine optimization, Local, Ads & AI

This was a fun week, being that you all ruined the internet. First up Google shocked us with a new core update, the November core update. The Google October core update had a bug that impacted some sites’ performance in Google Discover. A new Google reviews update is coming next week; it will be the […]

Google Search Ranking Heated Volatility, Google Ads Serving Bug, SGE Lite & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, we saw the impact of both the Google October 2023 spam update and the Google October 2023 core update with some really heated volatility. The day before, we saw some sites compiling their spam sites were no longer in the index. Google Ads had a long […]

Google August Core Replace Executed, Language Matching System Replace, Canonical Bug, Google Ads AI Disclosure & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, I posted the big Google Webmaster Report – I hope it is helpful. The Google August 2023 core update finished rolling out last night and that core update had volatility earlier in the week, we reported on it early but it seemed to be correct. Google […]

Google Search Console Canonical URL Reporting Bug Resolved

From the end of July through just a couple of days ago, Google has had this weird error for some sites in Google Search Console. In short, Google Search Console was reporting the wrong canonical URL for some pages. Yesterday, September 4th, it seemed like Google fixed the issue. The issue was first reported by […]

Google News Publisher Bug, FAQ & HowTo Wealthy Outcomes Drop, search engine marketing Previous Content material & GPTbot

For the original iTunes version, click here. Google has a bug with the Google News Publisher Center where some publishers’ feeds were days behind, and it seems fixed now. Google said the visibility for HowTo and FAQ rich results would drop significantly for most publishers. Google said don’t delete old content because you think it […]

Google Ads Bug Reveals Too Many Ads In Search Outcomes

Google, for some users, is showing up to five search ads on a page. Google generally won’t show more than four ads on a search results page. Google’s Ad Liaison, Ginny Marvin, responded to the concerns by saying on Twitter, “Thanks for bringing it to my attention. This is not working as intended and we’re […]

Google Rating Updates, News Indexing Bug, AI Content material, Belief, Awards, Web page Expertise, Hyperlinks, Associated & Bing Chat

For the original iTunes version, click here. Every week, the Google Search volatility keeps getting hotter, but Google did say we should have a confirmed update this summer. Google fixed the News indexing bug late last Friday. Google said AI-generated content is not, by default, well received by Google’s ranking algorithms. Google said journalistic awards […]

Google News Indexing Bug Mounted After 3 Weeks Of Points

Google confirmed indexing bug with Google News publishers that went on for about three weeks. It started around June 21st and was officially fixed on Friday, July 14th. Let me give you the timeline. News publishers began to report noticing issues with their site’s visibility and traffic from Google News around June 29th in this […]