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Google August Core Replace Executed, Language Matching System Replace, Canonical Bug, Google Ads AI Disclosure & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, I posted the big Google Webmaster Report – I hope it is helpful. The Google August 2023 core update finished rolling out last night and that core update had volatility earlier in the week, we reported on it early but it seemed to be correct. Google […]

Google Search Console Canonical URL Reporting Bug Resolved

From the end of July through just a couple of days ago, Google has had this weird error for some sites in Google Search Console. In short, Google Search Console was reporting the wrong canonical URL for some pages. Yesterday, September 4th, it seemed like Google fixed the issue. The issue was first reported by […]

Google To Go Alongside Suggestions From Publishers Round Canonical vs Noindex For Syndication Companions

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, said he would take the feedback he heard from the publisher community yesterday back to the Google Search team. This feedback was around Google’s advice on using the noindex for syndication partners anus removing the canonical advice from its docs a while back. The canonical change, where Google said don’t […]

Google Recommends You Include Your Canonical URLs In Your Sitemap File

Google’s Gary Illyes said on LinkedIn this morning that you should “include the URLs that you would want to see as canonical in your sitemaps.” This is not necessarily new advice, Google has said this numerous times, but Gary had a reason to repeat this advice for some reason. Gary added, “It’s normal to have […]

Google’s John Mueller On 404ing or Utilizing Rel Canonical On URL Parameters

There is an interesting response from John Mueller of Google on what to do with URLs that may appear duplicated because of URL parameters, like UTMs, at the end of the URLs. John said definitely don’t 404 those URLs, which I think no one would argue with. But he also said you can use the […]

Google Says Close to Duplicate URLs With Canonical Nonetheless Can Lead To Incorrect URL Rating

There is an interesting thread on Reddit on a topic we touched on here several times, the topic of Google ranking the wrong version of the URL in Google Search. It all stems back to the URLs you want Google to rank being near duplicate to the URL Google ends up ranking. The person said […]

Can No-Listed Pages With Canonical To New Page Cross Google Alerts?

Kenichi Suzuki asked Google’s John Mueller an SEO question that got an interesting response. The question was “I’m curious about this thread. If page A has noindex and rel=canonical pointing to Page B, are the signals of A transferred to B?” John replied, “I don’t think that’s defined.” Here are those tweets: I don’t think […]