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Google Local Pack Map Auto Expand Is Reside

Since April, Google has been testing a local pack in the search results that auto-expands the map section when you hover your mouse cursor over it. This now seems to be live or rolling out fully. I can replicate it myself and so can Mike Blumenthal, Robert Spinrad and others I asked privately. Here is […]

Google Merchant Center Automated Discounts Now Dwell

Google Merchant Center seems to be rolling out its old beta feature named automated discounts. Automated discounts helps retailers automatically discount their product prices based on multiple real-time signals, Google explained. Emmanuel Flossie reported that after three years of testing this feature as a beta, it is “finally released” to the public. “The fundamental purpose […]

LinkedIn Launches Reside Take a look at of Generative AI Posts

While I get that AI content is going to become more and more common over time, and that trying to fight that flood will be very much like trying to fight a literal flood – utterly useless – I still think this use case, in particular, is a bad idea. As we reported recentlyamong its […]

Google SGE Goes Dwell, Bing Chat Hyperlinks & Analytics, Search Console Bugs & Extra

I posted the monthly Google webmaster report for June and as you can imagine, it was a big month. Google launched the Search Generative Experience for some. We posted some of the early complaints on SGE; it is missing the result count, there is very little personalization, and the experiment ends in December 2023. Google […]

Google Search Generative Experience Goes Dwell For Some Searchers

The all new and exciting Google Search Generative Experience is now rolling out as a labs experiment to some early waitlisted users. I should have access by now, but I’m offlineI wrote this yesterday before I was able to play with it (which is why this news is not in my videowhich I recorded earlier […]

Google Marketing Live AI Advertisements, Google Search Rating Replace, Matter Authority Rating System & Extra

This week, we had the big Google Marketing Live event where Google showcased more of how ads will work on the new Google Search Generative Experience. Google launched the new Search Generative Experience to some searchers last minute (so this is not in my video). Google also showed us how AI would help advertisers build […]

Bing Chat AI v96 Now Absolutely Dwell

Microsoft fully launched the quality updates in version 96 of Bing AI Chat on February 28th. It is a tad late, but it is live and reduces cases where Bing refuses to reply and instances of hallucination in answers. Microsoft initially said this quality updates would go live Thursday, February 23rd, but it took a […]

Microsoft Bing’s New BingBot Now Totally Reside Right this moment

As a reminder, since April, Bing has been slowly testing a new BingBot user agent, rolling it out to more slowly percentages of crawls over the year. it should have rolled out to 100% of all crawls last month. But now Fabrice Canel said this week that it is near 100%, and an announcement is […]