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Google Search Rating Replace, Recipe Blogs Drop, Google Hits Critiques & Extra web optimization, PPC and Local

For the original iTunes version, click here. This week, we covered another unconfirmed Google search ranking update that hit on February 14th and 15th. Google has some bugs or changes that really hurt recipe bloggers big time right before the Super Bowl. Google’s featured snippets disappeared for a couple of hours on Thursday. Google’s local […]

Google Search Outcomes Nonetheless Tremendous Risky Days After Reviews Replace Accomplished

The last likely Google confirmed update of the year, the November 2023 reviews update, completed last Thursday afternoon on the 7th. But days after it completed the Google search results are still super volatile and the fluctuations and chatter are heated. Maybe I am wrong and Google is about to announce another helpful content update […]

Google November 2023 Reviews Update Completed After 29 Day Rollout

The Google November 2023 reviews update, the last one Google will confirm, finished rolling out yesterday afternoon on December 7, 2023. It took 29 days to roll out, which initially kicked off on November 8, 2023. Again, this was the last time Google confirmed a reviews update because it is now more of a regular […]

Google Gemini, Bing Deep Search, Google Opinions Winter Blast Replace, Google Ads Search Partner Network, Ranking, Ads & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. Google confirmed the last reviews update finished rolling out yesterday after 29 days. Google Search ranking volatility continues throughout the whole week, I called it the Google Winter Blast update but it might be the reviews update that is ongoing. Google Groups has seen a massive ranking and […]

Most SEOs Consider Google’s November Core & Evaluations Updates Will Full In December

The Google November 2023 core update and Google November 2023 reviews update are still both rolling out, and we have no estimated time of when they will finish rolling out. Both are well past their estimated two-week rollout period. I ran a poll yesterday asking SEOs when they think it will be done, and most […]

No Estimate To Share For Completion Of Google November Core & Opinions Updates

Many of you are wondering when the Google November 2023 core update and Google November 2023 reviews update will be completed. Normally these updates finish about two weeks after they start but now the core update is 22 days since it started and the reviews update is now 16 days since it rolled out. I […]

Google Core & Evaluations Replace Not Finished, Google Simple Search, Date Points, Search Console Report Bugs, Follower Counts & Extra

This week was much slower than the previous weeks, and yes, the core and reviews updates are not yet completed, and Google has no estimate for us on when they will be completed. Google seems to be testing a “Simple Search” feature. Google may still be getting the dates it shows for some search results […]

Buckle-Up, Google Reviews Replace Weak, Hidden Gems Rolled Out, Personalised Google, Comply with & Notes, SGE, Bing Chat, Copilot, web optimization, Native, Adverts & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. It was a very busy week, so I apologize for the length of this video, so buckle up and get ready. Not that Google wanted to say that, but changes are coming to Google Search. We saw signs earlier this week that the Reviews update has rolled out […]

Google Opinions Replace, SGE Growth, Ranking Pillars, Shopping Updates, Bing Reliability Scores & Extra

For the original iTunes version, click here. Google released the November 2023 reviews update on Wednesday afternoon, while the November 2023 core update rages on with a ton of heated volatility. I posted the Google webmaster report for November. DOJ documents released showcase the three pillars of Google’s search rankings and more. Danny Sullivan shared […]

Google November 2023 Reviews Update Rolling Out

As expected, the Google November 2023 reviews update has started to roll out this week. It started on November 8, 2023 at about 12 pm ET. This will be the last time Google confirms a reviews update because it is now more of a regular update, compared to past reviews updates. Google posted about the […]