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Evaluations Replace, Core Local Replace, Web page Expertise, Magi, Sitenames & Extra

While last month’s Google webmaster report was filled with the Google March core update, the product reviews update, Bard, AI, sitenames and more; this month was just as packed. We had the reviews update, a local look at the core update, big updates to the Google ranking system’s document, a new search engine for Google […]

Google Opinions Replace Performed, Web page Expertise, Web site Identify Fixes, Google Texting Businesses & Google / Microsoft Advert Revenues

This week, we had the Google April 2023 reviews update finish rolling out after 13 days. That update was pretty heated toward the last week of the rollout. Google clarified that page experience is a ranking signal but not a ranking system. Google asked you to submit issues with site names in the search results […]

Google April 2023 Reviews Update Accomplished On April 25

the Google April 2023 reviews update finished rolling out yesterday afternoon on April 25, 2023. It took 13 days and two hours to roll out this expanded reviews update, which goes beyond products, that initially kicked off on April 12, 2023. As a reminder, the reviews update dropped “products” from the name because it now […]

Google Reviews Update Heating Up Again

Google’s April 2023 review update is now almost two weeks since it started rolling out, and while the update seemed to have started slowly, this past week, we’ve seen some significant movement and volatility. This weekend was no exception and we are seeing some big movement this weekend. I assume it is related to the […]

New Google Search Engine, Magi, April Critiques Replace, Web page Expertise, Useful Content material, FAQs & Generative AI Ads

What a busy week, we had Google confirm it is working on an all-new search engine that uses AI and Bard. There is no ETA for when that will go live, but in the coming months we will see more minor updates to Google Search to embed AI throughout; this is code-named Magi. Google’s April […]

The April 2023 Google Reviews Update Focuses On Expertise. What Do web optimization Professionals Want To Know?

Last week Google released the April 2023 Reviews Update which has a very strong focus on experience. The new documentation from the Google Search Center provides several guidelines on the type of content that the ratings system’s algorithm is looking for and was posted on April 12 on the official Google Search Twitter account. Update […]

Google Critiques Replace, Google Core Replace’s Native Search Affect, Webspam Report, Generative AI Coming To Google Search, Bard Updates & Bing Chat Plugins

This week in search, we covered the new April 2023 reviews update that goes beyond just product reviews. We also covered the possible impact the Google March 2023 broad core update had on local search. Google’s John Mueller said they don’t launch algorithm updates and say they got everything wrong. Google released its web spam […]

Google Local Evaluations With Advisable Dishes

Google now lets some reviewers leave reviews specifically recommending dishes from that restaurant. Customers can manually add the foods and dishes they recommend at that restaurant. This was spotted by Claudia Tomina on Twitter the other day, she shared this screenshot (which I cropped a bit): This looks similar to the sub reviews feature we […]

Google February 2023 Product Reviews Update Accomplished On March 7

the Google February 2023 product reviews update finished rolling out yesterday afternoon on March 7, 2023. It took 14 days to rollout this expanded language version of the product reviews update that kicked off on February 21, 2023. As a reminder, original updates were in English only but now this update impacts Spanish, German, French, […]

Google Product Critiques Volatility, Bing AI Chat Updates, Google Bard & AI, Google Ads and Extra

This week we saw a lot more volatility from the Google Product reviews update, one last weekend and the other around March 1st. I also posted the big Google webmaster report for March 2023. Bing AI chat now lets you set the tone of the responses. Bing Chat also launched version 96, which improves hallucinations […]