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How We Run Performance Evaluations At Buffer And Why I Have Combined Emotions About Them

For many years, as a small startup, we did not do any sort of formal performance reviews. Instead, we did regular one-to-one meetings between managers and teammates, usually on a weekly basis. We also gave feedback to each other openly and regularly. (We even experimented with doing feedback transparently, but we went away from that […]

Google Merchant Center Coverage Says AI Generated Reviews Are Spam

Google has posted a new policy saying AI-generated reviews are against its policies, disallowed and considered spam. If you find such content, Google said you must mark it as spam in your feed with the is_spam attribute. Google posted the update over here, it reads, “Automated Content: We don’t allow reviews that are primarily generated […]

Google Rating Cooling However Chatter Heated, AI Opinions, TLDs, Programmatic search engine optimization, UI Adjustments, Bing Darkish, Native, Earnings & Extra

This week, we noticed that many, but not all, of the Google rank tracking tools were cooling, but then later this week, the SEO chatter heated up. Google Merchant Center says AI-generated reviews are spam. John, Gary, and Martin spoke about TLDs and domains for Google SEO. John Mueller called programmatic SEO a fancy banner […]

Google Clarifies Local Service Ads Review Dispute Kind Not For Google Business Profile Reviews

Google has updated its Local Service Ads reviews dispute form. The update clarifies that the form should be used for reviews on Local Service Ads and not to handle reviews through Google Business Profiles. Mike Blumenthal noticed this change and posted about it on Twitter. He wrote, “Google LSA has updated the LSA Dispute Customer […]

ActiveCampaign Has Robust G2 Evaluations

Last month, our SVP of Product, Kelly O’Connell, spoke at the inaugural US SaaStock event. She joined hundreds of SaaS professionals focused on growth by providing the best software on the market in their respective categories, which she shared with us was extremely inspiring. At the conference, Kelly offered her advice on how to successfully […]

Google Mobile Results With Business Profile Itemizing & Reviews In Separate Sections Of The Search Results

Google mobile search results can show the Google Business Profile listing in one section and the reviews later down in another section. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on and off over the past year or so, but I can’t find my coverage of it. So Melanie Funderburk posted a video of this in action, […]

Google Search Generative Experience Now Brings In Reviews & Photographs From Google Business Profiles

Google announced it upgraded the Google Search Generative Experience experiment to now also bring in reviews and photos from not just the web but also from Google Business Profiles. This makes Google SGE better at helping you plan trips, travel, restaurants and so on. Google wrote that they have “added new capabilities to SGE for […]

Google Local Service Ads Evaluations Removals

There has been some chatter within the local SEO community over the weekend that reviews are going missing from within Google Local Service Ads listings. Some say Google is cleaning up fake reviews or reviews that are against its guidelines, some are saying there is some sort of bug. It is not clear exactly what […]

Evaluations Replace, Core Local Replace, Web page Expertise, Magi, Sitenames & Extra

While last month’s Google webmaster report was filled with the Google March core update, the product reviews update, Bard, AI, sitenames and more; this month was just as packed. We had the reviews update, a local look at the core update, big updates to the Google ranking system’s document, a new search engine for Google […]

Google Opinions Replace Performed, Web page Expertise, Web site Identify Fixes, Google Texting Businesses & Google / Microsoft Advert Revenues

This week, we had the Google April 2023 reviews update finish rolling out after 13 days. That update was pretty heated toward the last week of the rollout. Google clarified that page experience is a ranking signal but not a ranking system. Google asked you to submit issues with site names in the search results […]