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Google Coati Replace, Extra Weekend Tremors, Native Critiques Bug, Google Advertisements Bribe, Apple Search Delayed & Extra

This week, we learned that Google’s Panda update at one point in time evolved into what was called the Google Coati update. Google also had another weekend update last week. Google Search Console added a new shopping tab with more streamlined Merchant Center integration. Google said they now recommend dots over commas for review snippet […]

One other Google Algorithm Replace, A Confirmed Search Bug, Spam Targets, Links Much less Useful, Key phrases In Critiques For Native & Extra

To start things off, I quickly covered the monthly Google webmaster report. Google also had some big unconfirmed update on or around October 28th. Google confirmed a search bug with top stories and search features starting on October 18th through October 28th. I provided one example of one site that got slammed by the Google […]

Research Says Key phrases In Native Evaluations Does Not Influence Google Native Rankings

A new study from Sterling Sky shows that putting keywords in the local reviews on business listings does not help improve the local listings ranking in Google Search. The study said, “it does not improve rankings.” In short, the study put reviews with the keyword phrases “fresh cut Christmas trees” and “Christmas trees” in the […]

Google Eradicating Critiques From Local Business Profiles

There are numerous reports of Google doing some mass pruning and removals of reviews from the local maps results, from Google Business Profile listings. This is done every now and then, it is unclear if this is a bug or some new filter being applied to already approved reviews. Jason Brown posted a chart in […]

Google Updates Finest Practices on Writing Product Reviews

Google has updated documentation on writing product reviews, which helps guide buyers as to how your product differentiates from competitors. This helps the user to choose the best purchase option that meets their needs and is within their budget. But how will this impact e-commerce and consumer behavior? The consumer is the one who dictates […]

Google Webmaster Guideline Now Search Essentials, Unconfirmed Google Rating Replace, Product Critiques Transparency & Extra

This week, Google pushed out a revamped Google Webmaster Guidelines and renamed it the Google Search Essentials. Google also seemed to release an unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update. Google told us that the product reviews update primarily works on a page-level basis but not always. Google added three examples of what types of pages […]

Google Says The Product Opinions Replace Is Primarily On A Web page-Degree Foundation

Google’s Danny Sullivan told us that the Google product reviews update primarily evaluates product review content on a page-level basis, but not always. Danny added “for sites that have a substantial amount of product review content, any content within a site might be evaluated by the update.” Danny wrote on Twitter “the product reviews update […]

Google Algorithmic Swings, Search Console Weirdness, Google Evaluations Tips, Google Ads & Extra

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, an excellent place to catch up on the past month in SEO. Glenn Gabe shared some wild charts showing how Google’s various search algorithms can’t make up its mind about on-site quality. Google Search Console’s queries report in Google Analytics UA3 is not passing query data. […]

Google Core & Product Opinions Replace Executed, Local Search Rating Bug Mounted, Search On Occasion Recap & Extra

Google has finished rolling out both the September 2022 core update and product reviews update on Monday, September 26th – yes, there is a lot of confusion. Google fixed a bug with the local search rankings and service area businesses. Google had its big search on event, I recap most of it. Google product review […]

Google September Core Update & Product Reviews Update Both Accomplished On September twenty sixth

ace I calledGoogle has completed rolling out both the September 2022 core update and the September 2022 product reviews update while I was offline. Both officially finished rolling out on September 26, 2022 – so Monday. Here are some quick facts on both these updates, now that they are done. But as you know, the […]