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Many SEOs Are Worried About Their Jobs With Generative AI & AI Search

With generative AI and the new AI search features, we are not only able to use some generative AI tools to create excellent content, but how searchers access information is on the verge of changing. This is causing some concern and fear within the SEO industry. Liraz Postan posted a poll on Twitter SEOs “Are […]

Authorship, Links & Disavows A Lot Much less Necessary Than SEOs Suppose

Gary Illyes from Google gave a keynote and a Q&A session yesterday at PubCon and while the keynote was pretty vanilla stuff, the Q&A did reconfirm a lot of what has been said in the past around authorship, links and disavowing links. Safe Keynote First, Gary went with a safe keynote address because often enough […]

SEOs Belief YMYL Content material Much less If It Is AI-Generated

Lily Ray ran a Twitter poll asking SEOs if they trust content in the YMYL, your money or your life, category more, less or the same if it was written by AI. The vast majority of responses said they trust AI-generated content less than human-generated content. Lily asked, “If a site offering Your Money, Your […]

Most SEOs Will not Suggest Utilizing AI To Write Content material

A new Twitter poll shows that most SEOs do not yet feel comfortable recommending using AI to write client content. The poll asked, “Would you recommend using an AI writer to your clients?” Most SEOs said no. Mordy Oberstein posted this poll on Twitter and there were over 600 votes. About 66% said no, they […]

Most SEOs Not Utilizing Google Analytics 4

Carrie Hill posted a poll on Twitter SEOs, her followers, asking what the status of their GA4, Google Analytics 4 installs are. It seems like most SEOs, well, the 300 or so who responded, said they are just collecting data and not doing more with it. Carrie asked, “What’s the Status of your GA4 Install?” […]

Most SEOs Are Not Involved About ChatGPT Threatening search engine optimization

ChatGPT is cool, very cool, in fact, I used it for fun for my video introduction earlier this month, but does this put SEOs out of a job? Will it write all of our content, will it give SEO recommendations, and will it provide coding examples, that will replace the needs for SEOs? Most SEOs […]

SEOs Cut up On If Google Is Getting Worse Or The Web Is Getting Worse

There have been a lot of complaints about the quality of Google search results – the truth is, there are always complaints. Assuming you believe the results are indeed getting worse (which not everyone would agree with), is Google to blame, or is it the fault of the web in general to blame? A lot […]

60% Of SEOs Assume Hyperlink Constructing Is Simply As Efficient Now As It Was In The Previous

We have heard a lot from Google recently that links are just not as significant of a ranking factor in Google Search as they used to be. But 40% of SEOs still feel link building is as effective now compared to a few years ago. 60% of SEOs think it is less effective compared to […]

SEOs Blended On The Significance Of Domain Age As A Google Rating Issue

A recent Twitter poll by Tim Soulo shows that SEOs are super mixed in their opinion of the importance of domain name age on SEO and Google rankings. The poll showed 40% said domain age is a significant ranking factor in Google, 26% said no, it is not. The rest of the responses, 33%, said […]

Many SEOs Nonetheless Guest Publish For website positioning Causes

A poll by Marie Haynes shows that many SEOs are still doing guest posting for SEO purposes. The poll had over 400 responses and only 44% of those who responded said they do not use guest posting for SEO reasons. 32% said they do and 12% said they do on occasion. Here is the poll […]