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Developing the Next Generation: ‘So What Comes Next?’ and Its Impact on Teen Career Development

Developing the Next Generation: ‘So What Comes Next?’ and Its Impact on Teen Career Development In the tumultuous landscape of adolescence, where every corner seems to be fraught with the weight of expectations and the pressure to make monumental decisions, teenagers often find themselves at a crossroads, grappling with a fundamental question that reverberates through […]

I Joined Boards Early in My Profession. Here’s Why You Should, Too.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As your career grows, your network, ideally, should grow alongside it. A professional network ultimately expands your opportunities, helps you achieve your goals and introduces you to people across industries and experiences. Board positions are a crucial element of any professional network. I sat on my first […]

Jobs Are Disappearing — Here’s Learn how to Future-Proof Your Profession

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Technological advancements are coming at us faster, and they’re transforming the workforce. By 2030, McKinsey researchers predict that 12 million of us will make a career pivot. That isn’t a bad thing, as long as you stay in control of the situation and take steps to future-proof […]

Top Career Motivations of Gen Z and Causes They Select an Employer

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In the dance of generations at work, Gen Z holds the floor now. They will be the fastest-growing generation in the workforce over the next decade. To attract this emerging talent, employers should consider the top items Gen Z is looking for at work. A recent study […]

How to Change into a Career Coach in 7 Steps (Not Simple, however Value It)

If you’re considering career coaching as the next step on your own career path, take it from someone who’s recently taken that step. Hi, I’m Karolina, and here’s how I became a career coach. Table Of Contents What is career coaching? To talk about career coaching, let’s first agree on what coaching itself really is. […]

Chris Long On Helping SEOs On LinkedIn & search engine marketing Profession Change

In part one, we learned about Chris Long and also spoke about his co-worker, the profession of SEO, Bill Slawski. In part two we dig into helping people in SEO on social media and SEO career change Chris Long is super active on LinkedIn, he is one of the most popular SEOs on LinkedIn. I […]

Darcy Peters’ Distinctive Profession Path

Meet Darcy Peters, Senior Customer Advocate Manager at Buffer, whose diverse journey from fitness entrepreneur and Marine Corps officer to Customer Advocacy maven is a testament to resilience and adaptability. In this candid interview, Darcy shares her experiences balancing work, family, and personal growth while embracing challenges and nurturing a fulfilling career at Buffer. Hi […]

What You Want To Know About Building A Social Media Career

Nothing says anyone can become a social media manager like Buffer’s resident music major turned SMM, Mitra Mehvar. However, the question is less can you become a social media manager and more should are you pursuing this career? Social media is often glamorized, especially in the media — but what does it really take to […]

Why assist is not only a job for me – it is a profession

It’s fair to say that not many people grow up dreaming about working in customer support. It’s not the typical aspirational career path! Indeed, some see a customer support role as a stepping stone to something else or a short-term job in a break from college or Uni. After nearly a decade working in a […]

How to Get Began with Work at Home Transcriptionist Career

There are several opportunities for entry level transcription jobs from home. Some companies insist on an onsite job, whereas many others offer options to become a general online transcriber or online medical transcriptionist. What is a transcriptionist? Well, to put it in nutshell, a transcriptionist puts on a headset or a pair of earphones and […]