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Glenn Gabe On Fixing Websites Hit By Google Core Updates, Links & Disavow

In part one with Glenn Gabe, we talk about Bing chat and Google Bard and also the use of AI-generated content, in part two we dig more into EEAT and how AI tools may replace us all. In the previous video with Glenn Gabe we spoke about Google core updates, and here we talk about […]

Google Does Not Belief Hyperlinks From Spammy Websites

In the latest Google SEO office hours, Google said that Google does not trust outbound links from a site they think is spammy. Duy Nguyen from the Google Search Quality team said this at the 35-second mark into the video. The question was, “If a domain gets penalized does it affect the links that are […]

8 Methods to Promote Affiliate Hyperlinks

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way for individuals and businesses to earn passive income online. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote other companies’ products or services through affiliate links and earn a commission on each sale made through your unique link.  However, simply joining a great affiliate marketing program is not enough to […]

Google Says Most Hyperlinks To Achieve Positions & Manipulate Search Are Ignored

Google’s John Mueller said that when it comes to links SEO make to manipulate search rankings and gain ranking position in Google, those links are mostly ignored by Google Search. This is a line Googlers have been saying since Penguin 4.0 came out in 2016 and continues to say. John said on Twitter, “Of course […]

Google Says You Do not Hoard Something By Nofollowing Hyperlinks

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that it is an SEO myth to say you can use the nofollow attribute on links to hoard your links. He said, “You don’t hoard anything when you make links nofollow.” “It’s a common SEO myth,” he added. Some feel they can control how Google passes your link equity […]

Authorship, Links & Disavows A Lot Much less Necessary Than SEOs Suppose

Gary Illyes from Google gave a keynote and a Q&A session yesterday at PubCon and while the keynote was pretty vanilla stuff, the Q&A did reconfirm a lot of what has been said in the past around authorship, links and disavowing links. Safe Keynote First, Gary went with a safe keynote address because often enough […]

Google Says Spammy Hyperlinks From Porn Websites Are Not Something To Prioritize

Google has posted one of its Google SEO office hours, this one was posted today, recorded in January, after the Google layoffs news, and one question asked was about if you should worry about spammy from porn sites and if they can cause bad for ranking in Google Search. In short, Lizzi Sassman from Google […]

Google URL Inspection Tool Referring Web page Can Present Nofollow Hyperlinks But It’s Uncommon

Google’s John Mueller said it is possible that Google Search Console’s URL inspection tool can show a nofollowed link as the referring page but he also said it is rare. It does make you question if Google holds by the nofollow as a very strict hint or not but John said we are “too focused […]

Hyperlinks On YouTube Will not Assist Your Google Rankings & web optimization

An SEO asked if links on YouTube videos will help with your Google SEO. Then someone said that it would help get your content indexed faster. Both are false and myths because YouTube links have nofollow attributes on them, so Google does not count them. John Mueller from Google even replied that links on YouTube […]

Google Mentioned You Can Ignore Spammy Hyperlinks Even When The Entire Penalized Website Is Redirected To Yours

Google’s advice since Penguin 4.0 was that you don’t need to disavow links since the links are neutralized (devalues ​​vs demotes) and don’t end up helping or hurting you. In short, Google ignores those links. This even applies to when someone redirects a site that was penalized for spammy links to your site, said John […]