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Remote Digital Marketing Jobs – Rock Content

The US labor force got a taste of remote work life with the pandemic, and they liked it. As a result, remote digital marketing jobs have become highly desirable careers in this digital age. One reason is that these jobs can be done from just about anywhere. You could work as a digital marketing professional […]

Many SEOs Are Worried About Their Jobs With Generative AI & AI Search

With generative AI and the new AI search features, we are not only able to use some generative AI tools to create excellent content, but how searchers access information is on the verge of changing. This is causing some concern and fear within the SEO industry. Liraz Postan posted a poll on Twitter SEOs “Are […]

43 Finest Travel Jobs 2023 (w/ Salaries & Professionals + Cons)

Travel Nurse If you are an RN degree holder, your skills are in high demand across the globe. Travel positions last for up to three months and can include a host of benefits like tax-free earnings and free accommodation throughout your stay. You can complete several assignments too. Estimated salary: $30-$40 per hour 2. Event […]

27 Reliable Jobs for Stay-at-Dwelling Mothers in 2023 (Earn Quick!)

Multiple sectors offer a range of jobs for stay-at-home moms. From teaching to translation, many choices exist for moms looking for remote working opportunities. 1. Freelance Writer Freelance writing is a broad role that can be used to set yourself up as an independent trader, work at an agency, or apply for a full-time remote […]

Distant Customer Service Jobs: 10 Web sites to Apply

Customer Service refers to the company’s direct interaction with its customers, assisting them before or after their purchase. Simply put, customer services help solve problems or answer queries a customer might have. Here, in this guide we are going to talk about remote customer service jobs. Why traditional customer service jobs suck Customer services is […]

All collectively now | News, Sports activities, Jobs

Mirror photo by Patrick Waksmunski / Altoona Horseshoe Chorus music director Joe Malafarina (left) directs rehearsal at ArtsAltoona. Whether it’s singing a classic Christmas tune like “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” or “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” the four-part harmony produced by the Altoona Horseshoe Chorus is a feast for the ears. While barbershop-style […]

How To Efficiently Discover Copywriting Jobs (+ Tricks to Land Them)

Anyone who wants to make a living as a writer has probably considered copywriting as an option. You might wonder what it takes to find your first copywriting jobs or what you need to do to become a copywriter in the first place. If you don’t know, copywriting is simply persuasive writing. It’s the art […]

Book Reviewer Home Jobs: How to Get Paid to Read Books

You can actually get paid to read books online. Sounds like a dream job, right? There are chances to earn extra money with jobs reading books from home. So you can get paid to write book reviews if you have a good writing style and earn from home with book reviewer jobs. If you love […]

12 Locations to Discover Online Transcription Jobs From Residence

I love typing, but I have zero creative writing ability. ZERO. I’ve blogged before, but it usually means sitting for hours at my computer with a few clumsy sentences written and no ideas for how to proceed.  When I got pregnant with my first child, I wanted to take something I knew I was really […]

Snapchat’s Reportedly Seeking to Cull Over 1,200 Jobs as A part of its Broader Value-Reducing Efforts

The horror run continues for Snap, with the company reportedly set to lay off around 20% of its workforce as it seeks to drastically cut costs amid worsening market conditions. As reported by The Verge, Snap’s planning to cull more than 1,200 full-time roles as part of a major restructure aimed at getting its business […]