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Freelance Writing Skills – 12 Skills Value Mastering

To be a freelance writer is to have a specific skill set. Mastering these skills will not only maximize your chances of success as a freelance writer, but will enhance your skill set as a writer overall. The first step in doing this is to break down exactly what some of these skills are. By […]

Freelance Writing for Newbies – New Author’s Information

The writing industry is so vast that many people will have at some point likely wondered if they should pursue a career within it. With writing being an essential part of everyday life, the opportunity to translate that experience and knowledge into an income has greater potential than many other industries, but it also means […]

The way to Write About Art as a Freelance Author

Writing about art at first glance may seem a particularly difficult task. Is it possible to truly capture the medium through words alone when it is a visual artform? On top of that, what are the topics a writer should consider and how best to go about them? In this article, we will aim to […]

Freelance Writing Sorts – 17 Choices To Take into account

Freelance writing involves providing written content or services on a contractual basis to clients, covering diverse subjects, genres and formats. And the world of freelance writing is a vast one, covering an almost infinite number of these subject matters and topics. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at 17 of the […]

3 Distinctive Inventive Writing Jobs to Attempt as a Freelance Writer

Important announcement: You don’t have to go into journalism or spend hours looking for freelance work to find creative writing jobs. If you enjoy spinning tales more than marketing campaigns, it IS possible for you to make some money from your creative endeavors. We’re not going to sugar coat it, it’s difficult, but not impossible.  […]

A Primer For Freelance Writers To Tell Higher Stories

When you know how to tell stories and how to hold attention, it can make you a better freelance writer. The Hero’s Journey is a great storytelling framework that should be a part of your writing arsenal so you can master the art of writing for an audience. While you will not always use this […]

10 Nice Portfolio Websites for Freelance Writers

In this age of online everything, your web presence can make or break your freelance career, especially if you’re just starting out as a freelance writer. If prospective clients don’t know you by reputation, they need a quick, easy way to suss out your work, your style and your level of professionalism. While social media […]

The Benefits of Freelance Content Writing

Have you always been diligent about your grammar and spelling? Are you skilled at expressing your thoughts on paper concisely and effectively? Are you a self-starter? If so, freelance content writing might be a perfect fit for you. Freelance writing allows you to work remotely, set your own hours, and choose how much you want […]

Scripted Alternatives: 5 Locations to Rent Freelance Writers

content marketing plays an integral role in lead generation, branding, and product marketing. It’s no wonder so many business owners, marketers, and brand owners pay top dollar to outsource their content creation. It’s an expense that’s well worth the cost, as 80% of people have spent money on a product due to top-tier content marketing. […]

Obtained Freelance Writing Skills? Here are 11 Skills You Need to Succeed as a Freelance Writer

There are as many freelance jobs as there are freelancers. Each one has its own unique set of industry and market skills that a freelancer will need to be successful.  However, there are some core traits and skills that all successful freelance writers have in common. Whether you want to be a blogger, copywriter, content […]