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Authorship, Links & Disavows A Lot Much less Necessary Than SEOs Suppose

Gary Illyes from Google gave a keynote and a Q&A session yesterday at PubCon and while the keynote was pretty vanilla stuff, the Q&A did reconfirm a lot of what has been said in the past around authorship, links and disavowing links. Safe Keynote First, Gary went with a safe keynote address because often enough […]

Google Says Links Have A Lot Much less Important Influence For Rating Right now

Duy Nguyen from Google’s search quality team said in the Google office hours video that “backlinks as a signal has a lot less significant impact compared to when Google Search first started out many years ago.” Du said this at the 6:08 mark in that video. I mean, this comes as no surprise to most […]

Can You Be Socially Responsible And Nonetheless Make A Lot Of Money?

Making money and being socially responsible are not mutually exclusive. If you have a high level of ethics, that doesn’t mean that you have to either abandon your ethics or your will to make money. There is this idea that to be successful financially that you have to be cutthroat and unemotional or you can […]

17 Jobs & Careers That Make A Lot Of Money (with out plenty of stress)

In high school, my best friend and I looked through a giant book of jobs and their salaries. We wanted to know which jobs or careers make a lot of money. We immediately flipped to the end to find out. Turns out, there’s a lot of jobs that pay a lot of money. Whether you’re […]

Toddler shreds tricycle in Google parking zone

Here’s a photo of a kid, maybe a toddler, shredding his tricycle in the Google parking lot in Mountain View, California. I guess the parking lot is empty these days so it’s a good place to do that… I discovered this Instagram. This post is part of our Daily Find photo of the day Column […]