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Google September Helpful Content material Replace Carried out, SGE Updates, Hyperlinks Not A Prime Rating Issue, Bing Hiding Ads & Google’s twenty fifth Birthday

This week in search, Google finished rolling out the September 2023 helpful content update, which seemed to target SEO-first, search engine-first content in a big way. Google won’t be rolling back that update, if you were wondering. Google SGE got an update, too, with new, improved responses, safer responses, and also the “about this result” […]

Google Says Links No Longer A High Three Rating Issue

Google has been downplaying the importance of links in its ranking algorithm for the past couple of years now. But last Thursday, at PubCon, Gary Illyes from the Google Search team said he wouldn’t even put links into the top three ranking signals Google Search uses. Gary was quoted saying this in several posts on […]

Google Says Meta Description Size Does Not Matter For Rating Algorithms

Google’s John Mueller said the length of your meta descriptions do not matter to the Google search ranking algorithm. He said on X, “I’m sorry to tell you, those numbers are all made up” when someone referenced specific numbers. Khushal Bherwani, who sends us a ton of tips here, posted on X saying a client […]

Google Search Ranking Replace Volatility Tremors On September twelfth

I am seeing some early signs of maybe the first set of tremors post the Google August 2023 core update, which completed rolling out on September 7th. The new tremors seemed to have started yesterday morning and seem to be continuing throughout today. I am seeing SEO chatter, where SEOs start to talk about ranking […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace – Unconfirmed

As I hinted to in my SEO video recap on Friday, we saw some early signing of an unconfirmed Google Search ranking algorithm update starting Friday, August 18th, and it went into Saturday, August 19th. It has actually been a while since I reported on one of these updates. The last time I reported on […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace – Unconfirmed

It has been a full nine days since I last reported about a Google Search ranking algorithm update and now I am seeing signs of another one starting yesterday, August 3rd through today, August 4th. Both the chatter within the SEO industry spiked and we saw some of the third-party Google tracking tools show a […]

Google Rating Cooling However Chatter Heated, AI Opinions, TLDs, Programmatic search engine optimization, UI Adjustments, Bing Darkish, Native, Earnings & Extra

This week, we noticed that many, but not all, of the Google rank tracking tools were cooling, but then later this week, the SEO chatter heated up. Google Merchant Center says AI-generated reviews are spam. John, Gary, and Martin spoke about TLDs and domains for Google SEO. John Mueller called programmatic SEO a fancy banner […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Replace Chatter

I am seeing a significant increase in chatter from within the SEO community around a possible Google Search ranking algorithm update. While most of the tracking tools have calmed, except for Semrush and Mozcast, I am seeing a big spike in SEO chatter yesterday and into today. We all know how intense and volatile the […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Volatility Cooling?

For the past few months, Google’s search results have been very volatile, but over the past couple of days, it seems at least to some rank-checking tools, the volatility is cooling and calming. I should note that I did see a spike in chatter over the weekend about movement from within the SEO community, so […]

Google Rating Updates, News Indexing Bug, AI Content material, Belief, Awards, Web page Expertise, Hyperlinks, Associated & Bing Chat

For the original iTunes version, click here. Every week, the Google Search volatility keeps getting hotter, but Google did say we should have a confirmed update this summer. Google fixed the News indexing bug late last Friday. Google said AI-generated content is not, by default, well received by Google’s ranking algorithms. Google said journalistic awards […]