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Home Interest Rates Today: First Time Home Buyer Guide

Home Interest Rates Today: First Time Home Buyer Guide In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, the role of mortgage interest rates remains a pivotal aspect, especially for first-time homebuyers. This guide offers a snapshot of today’s mortgage rates and delves into their significant impact on the home buying process. Introduction Today’s mortgage rates not […]

Google Search Rating Algorithm Volatility Immediately

I am seeing some signs of some big Google Search ranking volatility and shuffling today. The November core update just finished, so Google would say it is not the core update but the November reviews update is still rolling out. Or maybe this new ranking volatility is unrelated to any confirmed update – I don’t […]

10 Easy Issues You Can Do Today That Will Make You Joyful

Happiness is something we think about a lot at Buffer. It’s been a cornerstone of our culture from the beginning (just take a look at this slide deck about it from way back in 2013). Though our values have evolved since then, you’ll still see echoes of how important it is for us to cultivate […]

7 Essential Confirmation Emails To Ship Right now (+ 2023 Information)

Although you don’t need to send every single type of email in existence, confirmation emails are one of the important ones to consider. Here’s what this post covers: What is a confirmation email? Why are confirmation emails important? Types of confirmation emails 7 email confirmation best practices How to set up confirmation emails What is […]

50 Common Words Invented by Shakespeare We Nonetheless Use Immediately

Did you know there are 1,700+ words invented by Shakespeare used in his plays and poems? Shakespeare Birthplace Trust says he did this “often by combining words, changing nouns into verbs, adding prefixes or suffixes, and so on.” Perhaps even more interesting is although these words and phrases were invented in the 16th century, many […]

Google Search Rating Volatility Exploding At the moment

So it’s been well over a week of incredible volatility within the Google search results. Pages have been bouncing all over the place, rankings are jumping and then last night and today we are seeing even hotter temperatures from the Google tracking tools and more chatter from within the SEO industry. Everyone is asking where […]

Why accept extraordinary when you’ll be able to have extraordinary? Get your customized acrylic keychain at present!

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Get your custom acrylic keychain today! It’s time to upgrade to something extraordinary! Introducing our custom acrylic keychains – the perfect way to add a personal touch and show off your unique style. With endless design options, it has never been easier or more fun to […]

The Writers Strike 2007 and Why It’s Still Related At the moment

In an uncanny parallel to the Writers Strike 2007, the entertainment industry finds itself once again engulfed in turmoil as writers take to the picket lines. the current Writers Strikewhich is interrupting American film, television, and digital media, is focused on streaming media residuals and artificial intelligence. As scribes barricade themselves with placards demanding fair […]

Google I/O Is Right now – Right here Is The place To Watch It

Google I/O kicks off today and we are all expecting really big Google Search-related news today. Typically, I/O is focused on everything but core search but today, we are expecting the all-new search engine, Magiand a bunch of new AI-focused search features. You can watch the keynote, which starts at 1 pm ET today, on […]

12 Tips To Use Today

Writing strategies are a fantastic way to provide a little structure to the subjective field of creative writing. Even famous authors use writing strategies, so it’s no wonder we should follow the example of those we respect. Let’s get straight into it! Writing Strategies: Defined We can define writing strategies as a process creatives take […]