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Templates and Examples from 7 Writers

You’ve probably received dozens of spammy, impersonal direct messages (DMs) in your social media inboxes that you never bothered replying to. Think messages from people who misspell your name, are clearly looking to sell you something you don’t need, or are just copy-pasting text en masse.  It’s little wonder that DMs get a bad rap, […]

26 Parenting Blogs and Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers

The internet is full of writing opportunities, especially within the ever-popular parenting world and all of the sub sections, niches and tangents that come along with it. Everything from motherhood and mental health, to disability and adoption, these spaces are incredibly diverse for writers to work within. Yet it can be challenging to find parenting […]

205 Trigger Phrases: Final Information for Writers

When it comes to powerful copy, few elements hold as much sway as the aptly named ‘trigger words.’ These potent tools wield the power to evoke emotion, spur action, and forge a deeper connection with readers, making them indispensable in the arsenal of any writer. From the persuasive prose of a seasoned copywriter to the […]

15 Political Publications That Work With Freelance Writers

Would you like to share tips for how the average American can get involved in the climate change movement? Maybe you’re interested in writing about your experience paying off federal student loans. Or you want to pitch a personal essay about your town’s mayoral elections. When it comes to politics, there’s a lot to know […]

Tone Phrases – Final Information for Writers

Tone words are essential elements of your writing skillset, pivotal in shaping the reader’s perception and emotional response to your text. These words carry the capacity to subtly influence a narrative’s atmosphere, character dynamics, and overall message, making their selection crucial in writing. This guide is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of tone words, […]

Why Writers Love This E book-Writing Software

As a writer, you’re creative. You have notebooks full of scribblings in every room. You have sticky notes you can’t even read. Your computer? It’s a mess of bookmarks and files stored in a random collection of folders.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer or a novelist working on the next epic masterpiece, […]

Freelance Writing for Newbies – New Author’s Information

The writing industry is so vast that many people will have at some point likely wondered if they should pursue a career within it. With writing being an essential part of everyday life, the opportunity to translate that experience and knowledge into an income has greater potential than many other industries, but it also means […]

A Primer For Freelance Writers To Tell Higher Stories

When you know how to tell stories and how to hold attention, it can make you a better freelance writer. The Hero’s Journey is a great storytelling framework that should be a part of your writing arsenal so you can master the art of writing for an audience. While you will not always use this […]

10 Nice Portfolio Websites for Freelance Writers

In this age of online everything, your web presence can make or break your freelance career, especially if you’re just starting out as a freelance writer. If prospective clients don’t know you by reputation, they need a quick, easy way to suss out your work, your style and your level of professionalism. While social media […]

The Writers Strike 2007 and Why It’s Still Related At the moment

In an uncanny parallel to the Writers Strike 2007, the entertainment industry finds itself once again engulfed in turmoil as writers take to the picket lines. the current Writers Strikewhich is interrupting American film, television, and digital media, is focused on streaming media residuals and artificial intelligence. As scribes barricade themselves with placards demanding fair […]