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The Writers Strike 2007 and Why It’s Still Related At the moment

In an uncanny parallel to the Writers Strike 2007, the entertainment industry finds itself once again engulfed in turmoil as writers take to the picket lines. the current Writers Strikewhich is interrupting American film, television, and digital media, is focused on streaming media residuals and artificial intelligence. As scribes barricade themselves with placards demanding fair […]

The Silver Lining of a Writer’s Callus: Dedication to Craft

Writers write, right? They spend their days drafting, rewriting, and finalizing, and their nights dreaming about perfectly crafted sentences and what’s next. But what writers may not realize is if they go too long without a break, they’ll show signs of their dedication with a writer’s callus. If you prefer writing outlines and drafts by […]

Where To Discover Certified Technical Writers?

When it comes to content production, there are very few types of content writers as skilled as technical writers. A technical writer can help you take very complex and technical subjects and translate them into simpler concepts that can be understood by a majority of your audience, not just the experts. However, not all technical […]

Scripted Alternatives: 5 Locations to Rent Freelance Writers

content marketing plays an integral role in lead generation, branding, and product marketing. It’s no wonder so many business owners, marketers, and brand owners pay top dollar to outsource their content creation. It’s an expense that’s well worth the cost, as 80% of people have spent money on a product due to top-tier content marketing. […]

Greatest Notebooks For Writers: 7 High quality Paper Choices

Notebooks for writers used to be one of the primary tools needed to achieve writing dreams. We could go back to parchment and charcoal or jump ahead to a quill and ink, but as long as writing has been around, some form of capturing words has as well. While it is much more efficient to […]

Top 6 Types of Content Writers You Want To Develop Your Enterprise

Outstanding products and excellent customer service are no longer enough to help a business succeed. Top SERP rankings and websites packed with helpful authority content are digital-age necessities, so a reliable way to generate all that content is a must. Partnering with a team of experienced freelancers, including freelance content writers, can help you reach […]

7 Tips From The Office Writers To Enhance Your Writing

Few shows took comedy by storm more than The Office. It was a hilarious show that was an American version of The Office from the United Kingdom. Even years after it aired, it was still the most streamed TV show in 2020. Considering how popular the show was, how many actors became famous from it, […]

7 Nice Gifts for Aspiring Writers

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me, you’re frantically rushing to finish up your holiday shopping. If you’re a writer, you might also (like me) find yourself completely at a loss when someone asks you what you want for Christmas. The older I get, the more I find I don’t […]

An Explainer for Freelance Writers

This is my ninth year of full-time freelance writing, which I’d like to say makes me an expert at freelance taxes. However, the truth is that I learn something new every year — whether it’s how much to set aside for estimated taxes, what accounting software I should be using or what percentage of my […]

Poets and Writers Magazine – Is It Value Subscribing?

If you want to become a poet or a writer, you have most likely come across the Poets and Writers Magazine. It’s a magazine that condenses a lot of helpful information writers need to succeed in their careers. With so much being available online, you might be wondering if it’s worth the subscription or how […]