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Google Says Spammy Hyperlinks From Porn Websites Are Not Something To Prioritize

Google has posted one of its Google SEO office hours, this one was posted today, recorded in January, after the Google layoffs news, and one question asked was about if you should worry about spammy from porn sites and if they can cause bad for ranking in Google Search. In short, Lizzi Sassman from Google […]

Unconfirmed Google Replace Impacting Product Reviews Websites On January twenty sixth

On Thursday, January 26th, there were some signs of a possible Google search ranking algorithm update. The signals and chatter I was tracking, honestly, were not at super high levels. However, now that I see Glenn Gabe shared some really shocking charts of sites previously impacted by Google updates but now seeing a big swing. […]

Niche Finder Launches Revolutionary Platform to Analyze Websites

Niche Finder – Effortlessly Find Low-Competition Domains, Search Traffic, and Ad Networks with this simple software Keyword Niche Finder Niche Finder Launches Revolutionary Platform to Analyze Competitive websites in Any Niche. NicheFinder is excited to announce the launch of their innovative platform that allows users to quickly and easily analyze the competitive websites in any […]

10 Best Websites to Discover Them Now

Creating an ebook can be a pain, especially when you’re not a designer. From thinking about the content, typography, color scheme, and layouts, you may end up overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional designer or spend hours learning how to […]

Google Provides Recommendation On When Copy Websites Outrank Your Authentic Content material

Danny Sullivan from Google provided some advice and took some feedback on a specific example of when an original piece of research from a website was being outranked by a site copying its information. This specific example is for the query [r kelly net worth] where the original source of the information supposedly comes from […]

Get Paid to Watch Movies On-line: 9 Websites

Have you ever found yourself getting pulled into watching random videos while surfing the internet? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. But while you are at it, why not get paid to watch videos online right? There are so many ways to make money on the side while watching videos like ads, […]

Travel: Surf, websites and samba in Rio de Janeiro

Destinations await the intrepid traveler. Tropical rain forests, white sandy beaches and monolithic mountains surround the waterway into this famed Brazilian resort city. I can imagine the euphoria of the Portuguese explorers who first sailed into the stunning Guanabara Bay in January of 1502 and, thinking it was a river, named it Rio de Janeiro […]

Good Web Websites Are Good For search engine optimisation, Says Google

Google’s John Mueller stated somewhat of an obvious statement, saying basically that building a good website is often good for SEO. He said on Twitter “A lot of good accessibility best practices are also good SEO best practices, and just generally, making a site better for users often results in indirect, overall positive effects too.” […]

Alcides Aguasvivas On Correct Infrastructure For Websites To Carry out Well In Search

In part one, Alcides Aguasvivas is a co-founder of Pix-l Graphx spoke to me about how he started him firm 18 years ago while in college. In part two we spoke about local SEO for small businesses. In part three we talk about site development and the importance of solid site infrastructure. Alcides said so […]

66.5% Of Hyperlinks To Websites Are Dead. How Can We Shield Our Hyperlink Constructing Methods?

You probably passed through the experience of checking a website or a blog post, clicking on a link to check extra information and seeing a broken page. It’s annoying, right? But, more than that: dead links are bad for a SEO strategy. Some of us may think that websites don’t have many broken links. If […]