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Google Does Not Belief Hyperlinks From Spammy Websites

In the latest Google SEO office hours, Google said that Google does not trust outbound links from a site they think is spammy. Duy Nguyen from the Google Search Quality team said this at the 35-second mark into the video. The question was, “If a domain gets penalized does it affect the links that are […]

Google Says Ignore Spammy Referral Site visitors

Google’s John Mueller said when it comes to spammy referral traffic, you can ignore it and don’t worry about it regarding SEO. John said on Twitter“I’d ignore it,” when asked about it. Tom Goering asked John, “Since Link Spam update, been getting a LOT of referral traffic from websites with an .xyz ext. I haven’t […]

Google Says Spammy Hyperlinks From Porn Websites Are Not Something To Prioritize

Google has posted one of its Google SEO office hours, this one was posted today, recorded in January, after the Google layoffs news, and one question asked was about if you should worry about spammy from porn sites and if they can cause bad for ranking in Google Search. In short, Lizzi Sassman from Google […]

Google Mentioned You Can Ignore Spammy Hyperlinks Even When The Entire Penalized Website Is Redirected To Yours

Google’s advice since Penguin 4.0 was that you don’t need to disavow links since the links are neutralized (devalues ​​vs demotes) and don’t end up helping or hurting you. In short, Google ignores those links. This even applies to when someone redirects a site that was penalized for spammy links to your site, said John […]

A Information to Cross-Posting on Social Media (Without Trying Spammy)

Messages! Posting on social media doesn’t have to take up all the time in the world. Cross-posting is fast becoming a tactic of choice for savvy social media marketers to save time and resources when planning social media posts. Whether you want to cross-post from Facebook to Instagram or Twitter to Pinterest, understanding the value […]