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Google Useful Content material Replace Affect, Search Console Overview Kind Modifications, Google Ads Updates & Extra

This week, I posted the large Google webmaster report a bit late but then dug into the Google helpful content in a lot more detail, so check that out. Google updated the review type results in search which may impact your Search Console reporting. Google Analytics made changes to the Google Ads search query reports […]

Google Selling Search Console Insights In Some Google Accounts

Molly Youngblood posted some screenshots on Twitter showing how Google is pushing her to check out Google Search Console Insights with a little banner that reads “New: Get insights about your site content.” When she clicks on her account icon, it brings up a “Search Console Insights” button with a “new” label next to it. […]

Google Useful Content Replace Reside, Search Console Information, Google Ads Local Campaigns Auto Upgrades

Google has begun rolling out the helpful content update on Thursday, August 25th. Many SEOs say they are not concerned about this update. Google also seemed to release some sort of update on August 24th. Google Search Console’s video indexing report is now live for all. Google said it will deprecate the international targeting report […]

Google Search Console Bug Labeled Pages As Indexed When Not Indexed

Google just announced that it fixed a bug with Google Search Console that labeled pages as being indexed when they were not indexed. Google said this bug “affected many properties”. Google wrote on Twitter “Today we fixed a Search Console issue that affected many properties: we were reporting pages that are not indexed as being […]

New Google Search Console Coverage Report Source & Unsubmitted Pages

Yesterday morning, Google fixed the validate fix button and rolled out the more simplified coverage report statuses. With that, Google also added a way to filter the report by resubmitted pages and a new source column. There are two newish items in this report, outside of the invalid or valid / indexed or not indexed […]

Google Search Console Validate Repair Now Again

Google has re-enabled the validate fix feature in Google Search Console just now. It was not there a couple of hours ago and has not been working since the beginning of this month but now it is back. Here is a screenshot of Google no longer showing the notice that it does not work and […]

Product Reviews Update, Search Console, Local & More

Here is the large Google webmaster report for August 2022 – catching you all up on what you may have missed in the past month related to Google search and SEO topics. We had a confirmed Google algorithm update, the July 2022 product reviews update that kicked in friday and the tools just picked up […]

Google Volatility, Individuals Additionally Ask Drop, Search Console Hidden Queries, Google Ads Options & A lot Extra

We had more volatility from Google Search on July 10th. Google shows half the number of people also ask boxes in the search results. Google Search Console anonymizes many queries, so it is not very rare. Google Search Console is rolling out the video indexing report slowly. Google Search Console has a bug with desktop […]

Google Ads Advertiser Console Delayed

So while Google Search is currently having massive indexing issues, the Google Ads advertiser console is having issues loading ad spend and other data. Google confirmed the issue saying “affected users are able to access Google Ads, but may not have access to the most recent data.” Google is currently investigating the Google Ads issue, […]

Google Search Console Anonymizes Tones Of Queries

A couple of weeks ago, Patrick Stock of Ahrefs released a bombshell report showing that on average about 50% of queries in Search Console are hidden, ie classified as anonymous. I reached out to Google, giving them a chance to respond to this, and the result led to Google updating its help document on anonymous […]