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Bing Testing Search Outcome Itemizing Branded Facet Labels

Bing is now testing showing branded side labels next to each search result listing. We saw earlier more basic side labels and before that branded side bars for some search queries. I am also seeing favicons on the side of the snippets. Bing is always very busy testing these things. This was spotted by Frank […]

Google Mobile Results With Business Profile Itemizing & Reviews In Separate Sections Of The Search Results

Google mobile search results can show the Google Business Profile listing in one section and the reviews later down in another section. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on and off over the past year or so, but I can’t find my coverage of it. So Melanie Funderburk posted a video of this in action, […]

Bing Testing Search Outcome Itemizing Facet Labels

Bing seems to be testing placing labels that describe the search result listing, on the left side bar of the search result listing. It seems the label will help define what the search result listing is about, maybe listing out some of its entities. Frank Sandtmann spotted this and posted this screenshot on mastodon (click […]

Google Exams Native Pack Opening Overlay Of Enterprise Profile Itemizing Inside Search

Google is testing displaying a business profile listing in an overlay interface within the web search results instead of taking you into the Google Maps interface. So when you click on a business listing in the local pack, instead of taking it into Google Maps to view more details on that business, Google is testing […]

Google Product Itemizing Adverts To Enable Electric Bikes Up To twenty-eight MPH

Google will be updating its Merchant Center policy to allow ads for electric bikes that go up to 28 mph 15.5mph from May 2022. This new policy is effective as of this month, March 2023. Google wrote“effective March 2023, our “Unsupported shopping content” policy will be updated to allow ads for electric bikes in the […]

Google Sponsored Label In Product Itemizing Search Outcomes

Google is now testing the Google Ads sponsored label in the product listing results within the more products section in an additional result. I cannot replicate this, but Saad AK spotted it and posted two videos of this in action. As a reminder, Google launched the new “sponsored” ad label on mobile last October. Google […]

Spamhaus Itemizing Increases Defined [December 2022]

Since July 2022, Twilio SendGrid and other senders throughout the email industry have seen a significant increase in Spamhaus listings. Twilio SendGrid has seen a 99% increase in listings per month on average. These listings are for senders exhibiting behaviors associated with sending unwanted or unsolicited email. The listings are mostly informational, which means that […]

Google Highlights Obtain Your Google Business Profile Knowledge When You Take away Your Itemizing

In the new Google Business Profile manager, in Google Search, when you go to the option to remove your Google Business Profile from Google, Google will show you that you can download all of that content locally to your computer. This was first spotted by Claire Carlile and posted on Bright Local and then Colan […]

Google Local Itemizing With “At This Place”

Google Local listings has a feature that shows what else is in that venue, it is called “at this place.” This reminds me of Google showing mall directories and what businesses are near other businesses in the local listings. Here is a screenshot of “at this place” in the local listings I spotted from Saad […]

Google Maps inserts “updates from prospects” within the enterprise itemizing

Google has added a section called “Updates from customers” to the Google business profile entries in the Google Maps user interface. This seems to show some recent reviews from Google Local Guides and this could be an issue for some businesses where Google might highlight a review that your customers might not see. Thibault Adda […]