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Google Search Explore Part Good points Sponsored Ads

Google’s explore section, which we first found a year ago and is now live for all, now seems to be showing Google Ads or sponsored listings. I haven’t seen ads in the Explore section before, maybe I missed it, but now they are showing for some people. Khushal Bherwani noticed ads in the explore section […]

How to Succeed with Sponsored Content

At this point, modern consumers have encountered so many banner ads and similar types of advertising that they’ve learned to automatically tune them out when surfing the web. As a result, today’s digital marketers have had to come up with smoother ways to get through to their target audiences, and sponsored content is an incredibly […]

Google Sponsored Label In Product Itemizing Search Outcomes

Google is now testing the Google Ads sponsored label in the product listing results within the more products section in an additional result. I cannot replicate this, but Saad AK spotted it and posted two videos of this in action. As a reminder, Google launched the new “sponsored” ad label on mobile last October. Google […]

Google Testing Sponsored Label On Desktop Search Ads

Google is testing displaying the new “sponsored” ad label on the desktop search results. Google launched the new sponsored ad label on mobile search two months ago and also tested it on Discover recentlyand is now also testing it on the desktop interface. This should come as no surprise to any of you. This was […]

Google Discovery Ads Changed Ad Label With Sponsored Label

A couple of months ago, Google switched the search ads label from “Ads” to “Sponsored.” Now, Greg Finn noticed that the ads in the Google Discover feed and Google Discovery Ads label also changed from “Ads” to “Sponsored.” So, the logo near the ad is an eye-catcher… Hey posted on Twitter saying, “Spotted: Change in […]

Google Spam Replace, Web site Identify & Favicons, New Sponsored Ad Label and Extra

The Google October 2022 spam update, the first spam update since last November, started and was completed within 42 hours, I have more on that in the video. Google also rolled out a new site name and favicon design for the mobile search results, with new structured data. With that, Google has rolled out the […]

Google says there isn’t any distinction in website positioning rating between nofollow, UGC, or sponsored hyperlink attributes

Google’s John Mueller confirmed what I think has already been said that there is no difference in terms of SEO value between the three link attributes. Google supports nofollow as well as UGC and sponsored link attributes. In terms of the difference in SEO score, there is no such thing, they all do the same […]

According to the examine, most YouTube influencers are nonetheless not asserting sponsored offers

This story originally appeared on Engadget It’s been almost a year since the FTC warned Social media influencers that they are “clear and noticeable” [disclose]”when paid for a post or video. But according to a new Princeton University research, most YouTube and Pinterest influencers still not adding properly Disclaimers of liability for the content created […]